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08 Jul

I started on this weird side project a few months ago to simplify editing monster spawn lists  but it became overly complex  when i added the ability to batch-export unreal script files  and scrape the files for summons to easily make readmes and cheat lists .

then i added a bonus of feeding the package straight into umodel to rip the models as a bonus , boring….

then i started to build in a plugin system where users could write there own macro scripts for performing unreal related tasks and that ended is insanity, then i broke the menus  and didn’t touch it for a month.

a few days ago  i needed to pick a random set of weapons from a 10 page readme file , so i ran it tho ulists , import from a readme feature , and decided to write a set of instruction to pick  a random x number of classes out of a list of 1000 , and it saved me about 30 minutes.

that got me started a bit of making it more usable.

first i rewrote  the plugin system  so that the plugin menu  lists the plugins and allows them to be run as user scripts. yay!
then i decided i needed a plugin repository, but got lazy , and created a plugin to download new plugins,
Perhapsa real catalog  plugin can come latter , it just a matter of writting a plugin to replace the existig plugin, plugins can self patch themselvesl.

after that i figured it needed more plugins to test the list, so i turned my additive map patch maker into a plugin.
Then i wanted to somehow built my maplist editor into the program. so i added a generic import diretory as list option to import menu, this allows you  search for files and dump there file name into the main workspace.

But soon after i added that i realized the  current context menus in the listbox space were mod oriented. and had a great idea ,
Create a maplist toolbar plugin , just for map operations, altho i could have just swapped the context menus in maplist mode ( and may still do that)
I decided it would be cooler to have a plugin create a dynamic toolbar at the top the window, with images. of course  plugins are run-time text only script so i had to manually create each image for the toolbar in script and then assign each buttons script via   custom functions…

so basicly what it has become is a engine to do anything you can do will text / ini proccessing you want it to be if you understand the scripting lauguage i wrote it in. Its easy to use the existing gui objects , or just create your own objects.

So yeah you will probably hear more about this again as i improve the useability and the gui and work on cleaning up the code base and documenting it , im still not sure if there is actual need for a tool like this , but it sure is handy

Plugins still need to get more tables to store scripts and stuf so  the functions can be combined or somthing.

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    January 23, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    I love it when folks come together and share thoughts. Great website, keep it up!


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