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Hostility in unreal

When i post on this blog and in other places , I don’t like to Talk down about people , I feel that talking shit about people or saying they are shit really serves no purpose except to burn bridges to people that you may need to be friends with in the future.

I don’t have a “players list” here like on other sites that talks about someones opinion about people they  meet or deal with . I feel this only serves to fuel people’s hate for each other and  educate new comers to the fact that they cant resolve there own problems and be friendly and neutral.

neutral  as in ‘like whatever’, im both for and against things at the same time depending on the angle/view, or how somone looks at it..

Yeah i talk about  servers and players here sometimes , Usally it in good light , with honest reviews of there work. If you asked 6 users what they think , one of theme will always say it suked. Somtimes i talk negetivly about  certain groups humorously , like the popular servers not having as many maps as i do, or the fact that I can constructively solve a problem they are having and they cant.
They dont read this blog, Even if  they  did, they dont care about my thoughts. They Know they are better then that in there eyes . If they found  it was offensive , They already personaly have my contact info., i voluntarily gave it to them in some form over the years.

I have my own issues with players myself , I don’t drag other people into my problems.

Ever Have 3 people that You appreciate each of there help and company very much , But if these 3 people where in a room , there would be a fight intill all three with ripped to pieces and dead? Yeah been there , If you agreed with any one persons views , you would loose one or more of those important assets forever (friends). I have been close to this many times , you just need to know how to seperate yourself , and not Breed or  make the situation worse.

Forums are no different , I find all forums extremely hostile.
when you try to help one person , and another member  decides your help is not what ‘he thinks’ is warranted , and decides instead of posting what he  thinks is the correct recommendation , Decides his time is better spent saying one person is wrong.It helps no one , it’s not on even on topic.. It only serves  making  your self look like a fool. it even sucks in people that dont know what the hell is going on to join in the trolling.
On the other hand feedback is always welcome.

sadly , in the oldunreal community , or notible , whats left of it, you find no shortage of these type of knee jerk respones and people thet cant just “be like whatever about it”. that why  people get banned , people destroy there assests and websites , Block and ignrore users ,Or simply walk away from the game and never return. yes—- it happens every day.It even happend between major key players/devs.

Im not the best example , as im not very social. I dont have many friends  in unreal. i have made many contacts over the years  in the game ,But  I have Maybe 6 people i could turn to if i needed something. some that i would consider Very high up in the chain.Some people think im asshole , i am just shy. I can be very helpful if asked or motivated. I have been here 4 years,  I find that troubling really ,But that just how it is i guess , Some things never change.

When i post certain thing here that are not the best choices , like posting other peoples work’s in progress  ,I feel that the risk of losing one person that may or may not even care( many times if you ask they will simply just give it to anyone!!!), Usually outweigh the fact that By me posting there work, it gets noticed and enjoyed.I have had  makers contact me and thank me in some cases for distributing and publishing there works. some even asked for me further input on enhancing there work.

I tend to pick things apart in till there so completely out of  control, to most other people , with complex mult- point comparisons on every front.  to the point That it makes no sence what we are talking about anymore.
Thats why  When i post things i take the time to make it sound the most reasonable. i dont write a quick  reply, It’s a complex  balance of  the pros and cons of each statement ad whether the reader may take in the wrong way. except i take it to the extreme.

I have all but forgotten about what happened on sunday. I realized i did everything i could have to help someone in a helpful matter , giving them  alot of choices on  how they should proceed, without forcing anybody to do any thing.

and yeah i spend 2 hours writing and re editing this.You have a problem wit that?


btw ill be playing at about 10pm tonight  , probably rtnp or cejste if anyone cares to join. not a big deal , im only expecting 1 person to join me.

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Happy birthday unreal!

I was reminded that our favorite game in the world ,
unreal, has turned 14 today.

14 years since the original  release and still  going strong.

It seems like just a short while ago we were talking about the 10 year mark,
Has It really been so long since i started playing this game ?
Yeah wow how time flies….

we probably owe the last few year of unreal’s survival to smirfish and his work ( along with others) on the development of the 227 patches. thanks guys!

I would have a party or something but there’s usally no one around  anymore , every year that unreal survives should be like new years eve. everyone should get together and hang out and just celebrate and drink and stay up all night playing.
Actually , maybe that’s not  such a good idea- I am a bit crazy lol.


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Result of the TVA server meetup on may 20th

I failed to announce the reunion event  since i forgot intill i was about to walk out the door  at 10am on sunday – opps,

the turnout was ok i guess with  mabye a dozen of the tva members showing up and a few non members joining us. we mostly stood around and talked and chilled in passage sword fighting.

here is the  chat trasnscript of the event if you so bored you feel like reading it , the chat  is public so any players that where there could have read this.It’s mostly in spanish. google translate is your freind…

Eventully it was decided to goto dark nyleve and make  a video. after over a hour of decoraing the map with lights and trees and other christmas related items , we finally were ready.since it took lucas all this time to setup I decided to record some of my own of the event. he will eventully upload his own video.

Some of the holiday decorations in this video are from the new builds of the present mod im still working on including the new decorator gun.

Before you hit play, Turn down the volume , I choose to use some very obnoxious  jinglebells remix from some unreal map i had in the video, it seemed appropriate at the time but i should have know better then to use music…

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2 new maps from buddhamaster

2 new maps from buddhamaste the same guy who was worig on the myst map for unreal i mentioned before

First Map is a doom style map that apparently only works in 227

not to much to say it’s doom like based off of a doom map sloth of dispare, looks pretty good , it wont play on 225 due to blooddecal bs , but it a cool map never the less , worth a quick play.

download map                unrealsp topic

Second map

is a  A wolfenstien inspired map for 225  WOLFENSTEIN3D_M1

it  not a remake , but is mean to imitate the game of wolf3d , everything was created wth unreal assests, the paintings , cages, banners , gold , colums etc it a  pretty good ma considering it  a maze , but all original wolf3d maps were mazes ..

download link             unrealsp topic

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More server Stats to laugh at.

I was just over at jackal forums and read this post from kami :

 I’m working on an Unreal install with a completely new structure.Right now there are 419 custom maps – size = 1.59 GB running on the server.
In total thats 1.949 GB of data.
Together with the original maps there are 456 maps running and server is still growing.

I kinda chuckled …

I have been using using a custom file  structure since 2009

when i started my ah monsters  server , i changed structure into larger groups ,

/nmaps   /  maps from the jackals map order 2010 (386)
/emaps   / has maps that are extra, but in rotation(92)
/spec      /  has maps that extra and not rotated
/herd     / this is only for the herd coop maps , (32 maps)
/ron       / this folder is just for ron’s maps (111 maps)
/xcom  / this is for the xcom coopertive set (37 maps)
(subtotal 658)

root / the standerd game excluding deathmatch maps = 40 maps

that a total of 698 maps , many linked together… tbh here , im lazyto  itlink all , I wrote a map linker and massive mapfix mutator for many of them, these days with no one around , there’s nothing pushing me to continue)

im not including a few common maps on my server such as mu maps or zora maps , since there not the kinda of map i like playing.

also to note is that i didnt  include  my set of monsterhunt maps that have been converted into coop maps thats another 36 maps , or the spec folder , thats another 38 maps .

(Total is 772 maps if you include all of those as well)

size of all active folders is 2.89 gb
if you include the foldesr i didnt tally up , it 3.73 gb
( this  size excludes  any of the  original unreal files , all  this custom stuff resides in a  common d:\shared225content\ folder , that  shared between 4 unreal installs  supplying maps to   3 active servers. )

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Setting up a free redirect server for 227 using dropbox


227h already has FAST downloads as in multi megabytes a minute easily ,  but what if you have 300mb of files like my 227 had? that will take about 20 minutes omg-im-Leaving…. you need to use redirects  there’s a few ways to do this , pay a host, or run  you own HTTP server or find a free host.

lets talk about free…

I have been using drop-box for versioning and hosting all my unreal shared files, drop-box is unique in the fact that you drop files into a sync folder on your pc and they push to the cloud. what is more  awsome is that you can host a entire website on dropbox  for free , up to 2 gb of files. so its s good place to setup a free re-director

upload a a new version of a file every 80 days and your safe. if you need more space you can get referrals or  use there photo upload feature to grab another 3 gb of free space , 2gb is plenty tho for redirects , that 3 time the size of the entire game.

dropbox allows like 30GB  traffic per day per acoount.I checked there entire tos and it dosnt say you cant do this so i thinks it ok ,  i mean its the same as having 2 or 3 people download a few files once a day.2  400 mb downlaods a day is nothing for them since It powered by the  amazon e2 cloud  so it awsome under load too.If for whatever reason you do lose your free account , you can make another i guess as theres a exact copy of all your files in the local folder to re sync…

all files can be kept up to date easily. just run a script to ucc comprees or use utcompress( 227 ucc is better due to zlib) directly to db  syc folder. effortless really.

if you already have a dropbox account , this may be tricky . if you dont have one  make one now. you will quickly reallize how usful it if for sharing files.

make a account ( use this link you get 500mb more  free)

you will need a valid email address to setup the acount , if you need a email adresss thers is  gmail/hotmail/yahoo webmail to make a free email to throwaway if you so wishh.( Y u no hav email adress!)

install the dropbox cleint onto your pc , it will create a folder in your mydocuments folder thats called dropbox, in that folder is a “public” folder , that where we wil be dumping our files.

use can at this point use utcompress or ucc to pack your files into uz  precompressed files. move all the uz files it creates  into the public dropbox folder . right click on any right  in the public folder and select copy public link.

to help you substantially keep everything up to day , you can use redeirect checker

it will help you sync you unreal install to compressed files in dropbox

open your severs  unreal.ini file.

find this


paste your link into the redirecttourl ,  but remove the filename.

it should look similar to this:


also edit : add download manager


Your done. If you uploaded all your games uz  files , You can check that it working by renameing your cache  folder , and downlaoding some huge file from the server like csmodels.u , if it coming from http , you files will be half as small as the original , so csmodels would be 11.4 mb.,

you could also disable DownloadManagers=Engine.ChannelDownload to force it to be http only.

I only tested this with 4 files on a  227 test server,
edit : 227i fixed the missing files
downloads are about 3-4 seconds per  mb  using this method ,  it takes longer to resolve the files then the download takes…

one more note , dropbox uses the ec2 cloud , so you may need to unblock certin ip ranges in peerblock , if you are using peerblock.

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epicgames 20th aniversity soundtracks

while not directly related  to unreal or coop scene,

epic games  decided to release these 20  game soundtracks  a few days ago for download  for there 20th aniversity, and they do include some unreal tracks in there that we all know and love. most are from new games that i dont care for but whatever!

1. Unreleased Theme Unreal Tournament 3 Rom Di Prisco (2007)
2. Dan Jill of the Jungle Dan Froelich (1992)
3. Main Theme Unreal Alexander Brandon/Michiel Van der Boss (1998)
4. Armored Prayer Gears of War 2 Steve Jablonsky (2008)
5. Vault of Tears Infinity Blade II Josh Aker (2011)
6. Space Epic Pinball Robert Allen (1993)
7. Main Menu Unreal Tournament Alexander Brandon (1999)
8. Menu Song Jazz Jackrabbit Robert Allen (1994)
9. They’ll Be Coming For You Now Infinity Blade Josh Aker (2010)
10. Hope Runs Deep Gears of War 2 Steve Jablonsky (2008)
11. Main Theme Tyrian Alexander Brandon (1995)
12. Hyperblast Redux Unreal Tournament 2004 Kevin Riepl (2004)
13. Hanover’s Favorite Son Gears of War 3 Steve Jablonsky (2011)
14. Main Theme Shadow Complex Josh Aker (2009)
15. 14 Years After E-Day Gears of War Kevin Riepl (2006)
16. Lockdown Unreal Tournament 3 Jesper Kyd (2007)
17. Theme Bulletstorm Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz/Michal Cielecki (2011)
18. Pull Back the Bass Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Alexander Brandon (1998)
19. Transistor Unreal Championship 2 Kevin Riepl (2005)
20. Finally A Tomorrow Gears of War 3 Steve Jablosnky (2011)
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