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So we are doing chatlink again.

We used to run  a old mod  from pcube called chatlink. it  lets multiple  unreal servers communicate between each other using udp link and java. a few years ago i stopped using it since  some people started abusing it by sending spam from 3rd party servers. then  i forgot about it for a while.

I am going to start running a chatlink master again ,
if people who want to setup there unreal server’s to join the chat  , i can provide the original mod and login info and  a message coloring mod to color code each servers chat ., and server or service that follows the chatlink protocol can join.

the original mod its a simple  serverside unrealscript mod that  like 42kb. i believe it can even run out the box in ut99.

I am working on a new build of unreal chatmod tho for 227 , that will have auto colorization , some server commands ( such as #players , # map that will dump the current info to teamspeak etc), maybe the ability to send server commands or pm’s bewteen servers, idk how far i want to expand it.

a screenshot of the colored  chats.

Its very easy just using a gamerule to disallow certain  servers chat from broadcasting onto your servers , if you worry about abuse later. ill probably add allow/disallow config in my future version

i say this becuase the shit that we say/paste on teamspeak can easily include links to 4chan , reddit , and other area inapropoate for all audenences ,

The even better stuff.

now that i run 2 servers , and my freinds run servers and the website , and stuff , i have been meaning to  somhow link irc to unreal. noone could really help me to much , so it sat on the backburner. in the proccess of messing with that i discovered  that there is a teamspeak api for java.

we live on teamspeak , and by live , i mean some of us usally keep connected 24/7 even while we sleep.
i tried to mess with java but i really didnt understand how to do that much so i talked to be friend that  deals  java  and while he was on on break from college  , he started working on something for us that is  really awesome , it is a java  app that links teamspeak 3 serverchat to and from chatlink.

you can see a working example


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