T3d Patch maker demo

20 Oct

I made this tool a few years back in a less finished form .
it is for placing specific items in editor , for spawning in a mutator


– Place “unique” actors in unrealed.
– Strip bsp  , then export as t3d
– Open t3d in tool
– Tell it your “unique” actor short name (case sensitive)
– Tell it what to spawn in its place.
– Tell it a filename to save the source to
– Enjoy ready to integrate unrealscript.

Outputed script  looks like this:

if(Level.Title ==”Rrajigar Mine “)
actNewClass = class<actor>( DynamicLoadObject(“present1.Greeng”, class’Class’ ) );

Known Issues
– Somtimes breaks phrasing completly for some actors.
– Tool cant handle t3d files over a few mb (hence strip bsp first)
– Rotation is not  supported..

it some future world , this tool can likey be Totally written in Unrealscript , or as ucc commandlet, and not a exe.
log(); can be abused to export the code maybe

ill give lua source as some future edit

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