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Flags, Flagpoles and stuff

so yeah another quick project.   sort of for redrum deathmatches , a flagpole for your unreal flags.

.flag pole. your one stop shop for another endless waste of time scripting something that doesn’t need to be scripted…lol

what it has going for it
-Its a flag pole
-its a decoration
-It was originally living as a obj model on the internet.i did not model it.

I typically over engineer things so her ya go normal humans would have just imported a model and been done..

Is  the root class , it is the original decoration only , spawn this if you want only a flag pole.

this one auto falls in till it hits the ground.
if your clever and fly 90 – 100 uu off the ground , you can bind a key to summon flagpole.fallingflagpole|summon flag.usa and you will get a flag on your pole..

this will spawn a flagpole with a random flag out of a list of 50.

this is a cool one , that i put to much work into…
fist off this one lets you set any actor to be the flag.
to do this you bind a key to do something like this
summon flagpole.dynoflagpole|admin set flagpole.dynoflagpole flagclass flag.usa

it will spawn the pole , fix its rotation if it got tilted , then wait 0.5 seconds and spawn the actor in flagclass 90uu up the pole .
if you  killall flagpole , it will also delete the ‘attached’ flag.
if you “set flagpole.dynoflagpole splode true” you can use “set flagpole.dynoflagpole destroyeffect X” to define somthing fancy to happen when you can killall flagpole default is flag tornado.

this is a flag fountain effect , it spawns 20 random flag in the air that fall to the ground like confetti.

the same as flageffect1 except you can set flagclass1 , 2 ,3 and 4 to spam funny actors as confetti (for admins)
admin set flapole.flageffect2 q  changes the default quanity, use with caution.

another spammy actor ,
admin set flapole.flageffectp thing unreali.woodenbox
admin set flapole.flageffectp spacing 20
admin set flapole.flageffectp max 100
and you will get a wooden box bridge… or wahetever actor and vars you want

this is version 2 that fixed for 225 , after some 227 nonsense and some city.utx issues , yeah subclasses , screw em lol.. and the awful grammar…

this mod requires (dynamicly) rflags.u , flag.u rrflag.u , but it will work without it as a standalone pole if you arnt using those packages.


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