random jgrass pawn bot mutater idea

24 Jun

This isnt typical of a post , but i cant decide where to post it for now

just was sitting here thinking about jgrass mutate commands,
or more importantly potential impact on unsterilized custom mutate commands.since they reference a pawn sender. Its a over though ridiculous  idea that probably cant work for obvious reasons. but hear me out.

if pawns  can call mutate commands ., witch they cant exactly , due to them not being jplayers, but my idea can still exist for say bots etc , or a custom written jpawn class.

lets say you have a custom pawn root class, where in implemented  a way to call mutate , or even server mutate so to speak. this isnt exactly relevent to the idea but hang tight.

your root pawn class can have hooks , for each action , like say attacking , or waiting or enterzone(zone info) or other vectors. each of these vectors has a list of “commands” to call similar to a dispatcher.  the commands should be in the form of text console commands. such as “mutate  x” , or “say l” this dispatcher could be a special replaceable proxy class, or info block.a mutator that hooks on bot events to do anything.

what you have now is a way to customize the pawns to do stuff.after the fact.
dynamically and by config. this lets you do dumb stuff like interact with a mutator that doesn’t exist in till after the fact or is created by at third party.

-how it could work potentaily-
pawn goes to some state  > calls this console command >
the command is processed by a custom mutatorplus( or on its own  such as say) to validate the pawn issuer> ,
the pawn is identified and some action is taken. like say he selects a cutom gun or triggers a event , idk it limitless really.the pawn could chat or call swarmmass or somthing., or just use it to call say / debug  for state changes.

this would allow you to plug into pawn events to radd / eroute actions  to future mutators.??? or for no reason allow a random pawn to call a mutate command that weren’t written properly in the first place….

crazy scripted pawn bot turns on his flash light becuase he entered a  a dark room, he mentions “its dark in here” in say,  and tricks another player into thinking he is real.. . all becuase of some action hooks that your mod  customizes with just  a mutator.

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