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Wolf3d(newwolf) Models in unreal?

yeah i typed a big long thing about md2 newwolf mmodels and hi res texture and
the update save timed out 3 bloddy times so screw it.,
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Myst map Screenshots , Server updates

done with the old 2009 server for now , you may see it up again tho.
also:  Myst maybe comming to unreal…..

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Arcived servers , Quick Easter Mod ideas

I have started running the server from a arcived copy of  2009’s server setup!


Last night I was sitting here and realized I have a whole folder here that  contans 6 diffenrt 225 jcoop sever setups from 2009!!
I used to duplicate the sever every time I made a major change to the setup.
so im gonna leave the old server  runnoing from D:backupsNserver225 backupunrealgoldSystem
Previously named  “ (lots of mod runnng][Summoning Allowed) ”
up intill at witch time it either crashes , gets boring , of I restart the pc.

nothing is wong of anything, andit will eventually come back , but this wholeunrealtaking odeverything…

I mean REally i have liek 18 installs of unreal..


Short on time ? didnt come up with a easter theme mod this year ? Theres still hope.

you can type
summon nalirabbit
admin set playerpawn mesh unrealshare.rabbit
admin set playerpawn drawscale 3
and everyone can be nali rabbit for the day! quaick easy , requires no planning!
videos later


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Easter mods

It easter weekend . Whats interesting about that, is that I started a egg mod or attemped one last year and only just now remberered it , a hour before sunday so , it getting scraped , again.,I could do the nalirabbit thing tho ….lazy
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Site Updates, Turboman’s 227 TechTemple , ITS NOT EVEN the 23!

ITS NOT EVEN the 23!

BS: I spell checked the last 2 months of posts and changed the formating to paragrah , Now the font wont me -2 it will be 1.

If you want to see some of the features of 227g , or just a really nice map , Download and play ths.
Made by Turboman

Lets hope his almost 6 year anticipated firestorm map pack  get relased some time soon.

It just too bad there isnt many people left that will make things like this for this game.
I would definitly like to see more maps like this one in the future.
This map also shows the limitations and downsides of reling on staticmeshes for much of the geometry,
it a great looking map ,But at least for me theres a lot of clipping and flicker looking at some of it ,
at one point  during the pathway I saw the room bsp under it the wholetime i was walking.
The block walls had flicker at the bottoms and i was able to duck under the blocks and get behind the wall mesh
The water at the spawn kept apearing and reappearting every time i moved too..
Hopfully the speedmapping contest thats going on now will bring some people out and create a number of new maps.

Theres so map gr8 maps that will likly never see the light of day
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Tanks , Ahmonsters server updates, Files that I cant remember updated

April 21 ,2011 2 AM
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃▂
Some slight change to the blah server , I linked another 40+ maps together so we are up to about 450-ish.
I have more single maps and am going to to add the castle pack when I manage to get it all too ,currently its still more then any other server offers.  The quakepawns have been removed since I suspect there hanging The server. we  will see. ,
i had 4 crashes just this moring where it hang  at 40%cpu . Every morning when i wake up!
I also uploaded some files that have been sitting hee for a week like ss , But didnt post any links.
The server ssf  also got a slight update today , but nothing that  players would notice.
I didnt have time to add any links into the maplist or anything either.


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Updated Maplist , maplogmut

List of all rotated maps on 225 blah server
I quite happy that it was made it  in 53 minutes as opposed to many hours of copying.
anyway, ill uplaod the xls and ini at some point.
You can use this as a reference when you want a find a map , I will be updating it to include download links at somepoint.??


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