Project updates

08 Feb

i have been working on and off with various projects
stuff i worked on in the last month:
-some client mods
-made a creeper for unreal using minecraft model
-made a very shitty spider using minecraft spider model

i have been working on and off with this when i get ideas.

teleport accept

sometimes you have a  freeplay server and want to let players teleport to each other,
but dont want users to  teleport others around randomly and disrupt everyone.
so we borrow a solution from a minecraft mod:

/tpa <id> request teleport to a player
/tpahere <id> request a player to teleport to you
/tpaccept accept a request
/tpdeny deny the request

/tp commands on all my unreal servers available to all players.

ending control

I added ending control into my mutator now
when server /player try to  end the level, the mod can control if thats allowed
if it is allowed , it will test if the next level is loadable, if it fails it will not try and end into a broken map.
if it fails 3 times in the same url , it switches the map into a working map , nyleve.

the way its written now it can be  easily be expanded to stop individuals from ending the map
as well as modifying the target url in the progress..

-sql support

I built a special build for 227i that utilizes a sql database class  to store some admin/player data.
currently just for testing.

– exit/restart handling
added some check for “admin exit” that overides the behavior from non console requests.
calling “admin exit” results in a countdown , at witch time the server closes database , saveconfig etc, and calls restart  or exit, optionally.  the countdown can be interupted by any admin of the server.

– hook mutator
mutators now have argument handling
you can use the operators
“unrealshare.lowgrav map=nyleve,02village”    allow mutator only in this maps
“unrealshare.lowgrav map!=nyleve,dark”          disallow mutator only in this maps
“unrealshare.lowgrav”          mutate all maps
“!unrealshare.lowgrav”          disabled
“!fail!unrealshare.lowgrav”          broken

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