The Illhaven Anthology

01 Jun

You wouldn’t belive it , but kew has decided to come back after 10 years and redevelop the illhaven maps and add more content into his um.. famous? mappack.

I personal always found illheaven to be a bunch boring pubish  mazes  , so the mood for me is already pre set before i even look at it. Its not gonna be exciting at all to me. sorry kew…

After reading all the developments in the forum(s) and the fact hat kew refused help from key community members to coop test the map , then turned to  leo of all people to do it behind everyone’s back , Aswell as acting like every other idiot on the forum and threatening to walk away a few times due to people doubting if he was legit( need to learn not to let people bother you!) , Then in the procces of posting his development decide to hate on unrealsp and not post the finished maps there  ,no only did he not properly test,  he asked in his readme for usesr to not modify the map , not to allow them to fix  issues.

Pushes me  the wrong way. , so i may not even  bother to look at his work…

But your welcome to its probably amazing!

anyway  here you go.

Please note the mapset requires a few unrealtournament texture files you can get those hee , since he didnt include them

UTTech1, city, ShaneChurch, UT

download The Illhaven Anthology  here

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