Hostility in unreal

30 May

When i post on this blog and in other places , I don’t like to Talk down about people , I feel that talking shit about people or saying they are shit really serves no purpose except to burn bridges to people that you may need to be friends with in the future.

I don’t have a “players list” here like on other sites that talks about someones opinion about people they  meet or deal with . I feel this only serves to fuel people’s hate for each other and  educate new comers to the fact that they cant resolve there own problems and be friendly and neutral.

neutral  as in ‘like whatever’, im both for and against things at the same time depending on the angle/view, or how somone looks at it..

Yeah i talk about  servers and players here sometimes , Usally it in good light , with honest reviews of there work. If you asked 6 users what they think , one of theme will always say it suked. Somtimes i talk negetivly about  certain groups humorously , like the popular servers not having as many maps as i do, or the fact that I can constructively solve a problem they are having and they cant.
They dont read this blog, Even if  they  did, they dont care about my thoughts. They Know they are better then that in there eyes . If they found  it was offensive , They already personaly have my contact info., i voluntarily gave it to them in some form over the years.

I have my own issues with players myself , I don’t drag other people into my problems.

Ever Have 3 people that You appreciate each of there help and company very much , But if these 3 people where in a room , there would be a fight intill all three with ripped to pieces and dead? Yeah been there , If you agreed with any one persons views , you would loose one or more of those important assets forever (friends). I have been close to this many times , you just need to know how to seperate yourself , and not Breed or  make the situation worse.

Forums are no different , I find all forums extremely hostile.
when you try to help one person , and another member  decides your help is not what ‘he thinks’ is warranted , and decides instead of posting what he  thinks is the correct recommendation , Decides his time is better spent saying one person is wrong.It helps no one , it’s not on even on topic.. It only serves  making  your self look like a fool. it even sucks in people that dont know what the hell is going on to join in the trolling.
On the other hand feedback is always welcome.

sadly , in the oldunreal community , or notible , whats left of it, you find no shortage of these type of knee jerk respones and people thet cant just “be like whatever about it”. that why  people get banned , people destroy there assests and websites , Block and ignrore users ,Or simply walk away from the game and never return. yes—- it happens every day.It even happend between major key players/devs.

Im not the best example , as im not very social. I dont have many friends  in unreal. i have made many contacts over the years  in the game ,But  I have Maybe 6 people i could turn to if i needed something. some that i would consider Very high up in the chain.Some people think im asshole , i am just shy. I can be very helpful if asked or motivated. I have been here 4 years,  I find that troubling really ,But that just how it is i guess , Some things never change.

When i post certain thing here that are not the best choices , like posting other peoples work’s in progress  ,I feel that the risk of losing one person that may or may not even care( many times if you ask they will simply just give it to anyone!!!), Usually outweigh the fact that By me posting there work, it gets noticed and enjoyed.I have had  makers contact me and thank me in some cases for distributing and publishing there works. some even asked for me further input on enhancing there work.

I tend to pick things apart in till there so completely out of  control, to most other people , with complex mult- point comparisons on every front.  to the point That it makes no sence what we are talking about anymore.
Thats why  When i post things i take the time to make it sound the most reasonable. i dont write a quick  reply, It’s a complex  balance of  the pros and cons of each statement ad whether the reader may take in the wrong way. except i take it to the extreme.

I have all but forgotten about what happened on sunday. I realized i did everything i could have to help someone in a helpful matter , giving them  alot of choices on  how they should proceed, without forcing anybody to do any thing.

and yeah i spend 2 hours writing and re editing this.You have a problem wit that?


btw ill be playing at about 10pm tonight  , probably rtnp or cejste if anyone cares to join. not a big deal , im only expecting 1 person to join me.

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