Result of the TVA server meetup on may 20th

22 May

I failed to announce the reunion event  since i forgot intill i was about to walk out the door  at 10am on sunday – opps,

the turnout was ok i guess with  mabye a dozen of the tva members showing up and a few non members joining us. we mostly stood around and talked and chilled in passage sword fighting.

here is the  chat trasnscript of the event if you so bored you feel like reading it , the chat  is public so any players that where there could have read this.It’s mostly in spanish. google translate is your freind…

Eventully it was decided to goto dark nyleve and make  a video. after over a hour of decoraing the map with lights and trees and other christmas related items , we finally were ready.since it took lucas all this time to setup I decided to record some of my own of the event. he will eventully upload his own video.

Some of the holiday decorations in this video are from the new builds of the present mod im still working on including the new decorator gun.

Before you hit play, Turn down the volume , I choose to use some very obnoxious  jinglebells remix from some unreal map i had in the video, it seemed appropriate at the time but i should have know better then to use music…

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