2 new maps from buddhamaster

22 May

2 new maps from buddhamaste the same guy who was worig on the myst map for unreal i mentioned before

First Map is a doom style map that apparently only works in 227

not to much to say it’s doom like based off of a doom map sloth of dispare, looks pretty good , it wont play on 225 due to blooddecal bs , but it a cool map never the less , worth a quick play.

download map                unrealsp topic

Second map

is a  A wolfenstien inspired map for 225  WOLFENSTEIN3D_M1

it  not a remake , but is mean to imitate the game of wolf3d , everything was created wth unreal assests, the paintings , cages, banners , gold , colums etc it a  pretty good ma considering it  a maze , but all original wolf3d maps were mazes ..

download link             unrealsp topic

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