More server Stats to laugh at.

14 May

I was just over at jackal forums and read this post from kami :

 I’m working on an Unreal install with a completely new structure.Right now there are 419 custom maps – size = 1.59 GB running on the server.
In total thats 1.949 GB of data.
Together with the original maps there are 456 maps running and server is still growing.

I kinda chuckled …

I have been using using a custom file  structure since 2009

when i started my ah monsters  server , i changed structure into larger groups ,

/nmaps   /  maps from the jackals map order 2010 (386)
/emaps   / has maps that are extra, but in rotation(92)
/spec      /  has maps that extra and not rotated
/herd     / this is only for the herd coop maps , (32 maps)
/ron       / this folder is just for ron’s maps (111 maps)
/xcom  / this is for the xcom coopertive set (37 maps)
(subtotal 658)

root / the standerd game excluding deathmatch maps = 40 maps

that a total of 698 maps , many linked together… tbh here , im lazyto  itlink all , I wrote a map linker and massive mapfix mutator for many of them, these days with no one around , there’s nothing pushing me to continue)

im not including a few common maps on my server such as mu maps or zora maps , since there not the kinda of map i like playing.

also to note is that i didnt  include  my set of monsterhunt maps that have been converted into coop maps thats another 36 maps , or the spec folder , thats another 38 maps .

(Total is 772 maps if you include all of those as well)

size of all active folders is 2.89 gb
if you include the foldesr i didnt tally up , it 3.73 gb
( this  size excludes  any of the  original unreal files , all  this custom stuff resides in a  common d:\shared225content\ folder , that  shared between 4 unreal installs  supplying maps to   3 active servers. )

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