Setting up a free redirect server for 227 using dropbox

12 May


227h already has FAST downloads as in multi megabytes a minute easily ,  but what if you have 300mb of files like my 227 had? that will take about 20 minutes omg-im-Leaving…. you need to use redirects  there’s a few ways to do this , pay a host, or run  you own HTTP server or find a free host.

lets talk about free…

I have been using drop-box for versioning and hosting all my unreal shared files, drop-box is unique in the fact that you drop files into a sync folder on your pc and they push to the cloud. what is more  awsome is that you can host a entire website on dropbox  for free , up to 2 gb of files. so its s good place to setup a free re-director

upload a a new version of a file every 80 days and your safe. if you need more space you can get referrals or  use there photo upload feature to grab another 3 gb of free space , 2gb is plenty tho for redirects , that 3 time the size of the entire game.

dropbox allows like 30GB  traffic per day per acoount.I checked there entire tos and it dosnt say you cant do this so i thinks it ok ,  i mean its the same as having 2 or 3 people download a few files once a day.2  400 mb downlaods a day is nothing for them since It powered by the  amazon e2 cloud  so it awsome under load too.If for whatever reason you do lose your free account , you can make another i guess as theres a exact copy of all your files in the local folder to re sync…

all files can be kept up to date easily. just run a script to ucc comprees or use utcompress( 227 ucc is better due to zlib) directly to db  syc folder. effortless really.

if you already have a dropbox account , this may be tricky . if you dont have one  make one now. you will quickly reallize how usful it if for sharing files.

make a account ( use this link you get 500mb more  free)

you will need a valid email address to setup the acount , if you need a email adresss thers is  gmail/hotmail/yahoo webmail to make a free email to throwaway if you so wishh.( Y u no hav email adress!)

install the dropbox cleint onto your pc , it will create a folder in your mydocuments folder thats called dropbox, in that folder is a “public” folder , that where we wil be dumping our files.

use can at this point use utcompress or ucc to pack your files into uz  precompressed files. move all the uz files it creates  into the public dropbox folder . right click on any right  in the public folder and select copy public link.

to help you substantially keep everything up to day , you can use redeirect checker

it will help you sync you unreal install to compressed files in dropbox

open your severs  unreal.ini file.

find this


paste your link into the redirecttourl ,  but remove the filename.

it should look similar to this:


also edit : add download manager


Your done. If you uploaded all your games uz  files , You can check that it working by renameing your cache  folder , and downlaoding some huge file from the server like csmodels.u , if it coming from http , you files will be half as small as the original , so csmodels would be 11.4 mb.,

you could also disable DownloadManagers=Engine.ChannelDownload to force it to be http only.

I only tested this with 4 files on a  227 test server,
edit : 227i fixed the missing files
downloads are about 3-4 seconds per  mb  using this method ,  it takes longer to resolve the files then the download takes…

one more note , dropbox uses the ec2 cloud , so you may need to unblock certin ip ranges in peerblock , if you are using peerblock.

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