Hi resolution unrealshare textures , and u cacher plans

07 Apr

I was planning one of 3 possible posts, Attempting to keep up some sort of shedule, But I  am running out of time  other things come up i have been working a bit doing some odd jobs and learning to drive again  so The good posts are gonna have to wait intill I have time.


Theres a New high end  s3tc unrealshare package  that adds high definition plants  and decorations and more to  227h (Only for  227h!)
woodenboxes never looked so good ;/


Frieza has released the first track of  the soundtrack to the firestorm mappack 


I started on a new  tool simply called “u cacher” witch is basically a replacement cache.ini creation  scraping tool. I recently realized just how unreliable the built in 227 cache.ini handling system is  and having it not properly report downloaded files sometimes ( most of time acully)when 227h hangs  or freezes.

So i made my own system that scrapes the data from devnet challange requests in the unreal.log file and auto builds a validated proper cache.ini As a extra bonus the  tool will give 226 users the ability to create  a cache.ini that will work in yact. – more to come on this project …

also i updated the sectoid to fix the missing sounds and re imported the mesh a different way to make it visible from a distance better , and well as redefined some of the animation frames to fix issues.


also the respawn where killed think is working again on all the servers , although i just used a previous version and didn’t actually fix the problem – i just have no time or patients for it now.

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