Hyzorans uaok map progress and website

15 Mar

To be honest , I forgot completly about hyzorans site. I tweeted about it like 6 months ago and forgot to add it to the links page.

reasons i dont remeber to talk about his work:

1)It hosted on
A site that peerblocklist p2p blocks unless i explicitly allow it temporarily.
2)It has no rss feed or any subscribion methonds so i often dont visit to check up on it.
3) im partial to 225 only stuff and his pack is for 227h

But i digress.

He is working on a 227 mapset called UAOK , Witch you have probably never heard of. often unappreciated as well.

I had the privilege of  playing on some of these unfinished maps and I can say they are certinly different from the normal maps you  ussally see, of Course they use 227 features as is, So that saying a bit much  mabye.But you will just have to wait to see them yourselves.

hears some lovely screenshots. …and sweet grass

I would point you to the alpha release of uaok episode 1 but the link is long since dead, and you dont want to spoil the release of the beta.

His site also contains a enhanced 227h weapons pack with muzzleflashes and emitters.

if you want to read more about these maps visit his site

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