A month of other things and catch-up

15 Mar

Yeah im sure visitors have noticed Nothing got posted here in the last 25 days. I try to post about every few days here..

I have been busy making some money, also i traveled to maryland for a day ( 160 miles each way) to help somone move and  have also been doing some geocaching on the wonderful 70 degree days we have been having lately and trying to go  outside away from the computers for a break.

As for the unreal scene there isnt to much going on. I have been watching , My servers have been empty now other then a few visitors a week.

goldmod got added to the tva server but there still is no interface to purchase stuff or even groundwork to use the values of coins you collect.

Dual automags were added as well.

The new updated version of samspawn (sspawn2.38) Witch I didnt announce yet has a critical flaw in the fact that it is no longer working at all. ops never run out and update things without testing first..

So the spawn where killed is borked on the ah monster server , The issue dosnt seem to effect the crazy sever as it is   hooked into the ssf respawn function when i rebuilt the xcoop gamtype last time.  so the issue is in ssrcl someplace I need to look at, But it not  that bad you can manage  thru the maps if you are awake when you play ,    try harder not to die , it will be fixed soon.

BBG found my posting about his 3 maps on here and we talked a bit and he gave me permision to modify his maps to remove the checkpoints   (In reference to bbgbarrels map), But I dont want to create issues with mismatches so (or want to redownlaod files ) I am just gonna push a serverside change to ‘break’ the event links to  the checkpoint messages since there  (Bstatic), I will leave the checkpoints intact if the players  wish to use them.

I have talked about since like forever creating a player triggered message for that sort of thing , like in serious sam , where it a chattrigger, but it trick to retrofit that into a map serverside, as the instagator  of the event is not passed to the trigger or somthing?? I forgot why it didnt work last time.

That will get pushed next time the serverside mutator  get updated to the ah monsters server , the changes are already in place on the crazy server.

I added a few new monsters to the ah server like the cyberdisc’s and increased the difficulty by creating more dropwhenkilled rules also i added monsterspawn202 to it as well but its not in use atm.

Both the ahmonsters and tva server got a a full mapvote list auto fill ,So every map up to a week ago is now in the mapvote , about 900 or so so if you want to play any specific map it there to play, anytime you want. i will add even more as time goes by.

I messed around a bit attemping to landscape part of the ron5a maps but only succedded in dropping the framerate from 50 to 12 via mesh decoration overkill.ue1 engine not great for  landscaping

Ron made a cool map which is based on a  youtube video of a game similar to  mariobros “Clone: A Lenda do Heroi” played from a side view where you fight with a sword. The maps is  basic , But if you watch the original video it kinda cool that he recreated it.

He is also making a few videos to youtube  of play througs of some of his maps if you interesting in watching somone who knows the way.

Also there was another ‘main’ release of some of his maps,  download

Ok yeah just noticed he moved yet again  to look like i need to fix all the link again ;/(

stop moving damit lol you lose people  and all the  links break when you move! i lost 90% of my established visitors that way!

some screen shot of some parts I liked

I read in a forum that Dots is working on a mod to get UT clients to connect to a 227 server.  To bad it not the other way around ut runs like mollasas on here.

if your looking for weird  tracker music  for maps and want weird stuff i found this collection or chiptune tracker music.

I started messing around with gf2 a bit more and somewhat ported  the vooddoobfgmutaton and exxessive weapon to unreal for a future project.(a more complete gf2 port)

One of the new features that was intruduced in the not yet released 227i patch is the abbility to allow 226f clients to join a compatible 227i server , this will be a game changer for me if it works as they say.

pcube is working on a voice clip playing translator mod and needs people who wish to submit voiveovers.  This mod is is stillborn to me  as only 1% of people use the jgass gametype.

Hyzoran  told me somthing about his maps that i was suppost to be excited about but total forgot what it was—Sry mate.

oh yeah and is back online but it kinda ‘vandalized’ so to speak lol


One response to “A month of other things and catch-up

  1. ronaldomagalhaes

    March 16, 2012 at 1:24 am

    Good to see you back posting on your blog


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