Bat pawn part 2 (4 months late LoL )

16 Feb

ok yeah  you may recall a pawn (monster) in the stargatelssg mappack , referered to as Duch02 , A bat like creature based  off of gasbag.

Its was halloween time,  So I wanted to use the bat thing on my servers and in my map project. But the bat is dependent on a 21mb textures package …ugh.

Well some simple  looking in the editor would have you determine that the only thing in that texture package it references is the projectile skin,  Silly? yes.very  bad design. , The single projetile was also in a seperate package from the pawn.

Anyway I decided I wanted that pawn badly.So instead of jerking around with the editor and removing the dependency, I just exported the mesh and subclassed gasbag as  it already basicly is  gasbag with some slightly modified code.

I made no attempt  to seriously ‘port’ the pawn , and decided to forgo the projectile and the sounds leaving only the bat mesh. I didnt want it  to shoot anything since that not wat bats do.

Im reality the mesh isnt even very bat like  at all but it kinda resembles a bat so it works , Its fairly uncommon so it surprises people who haven’t seen it much or out side of the stargate pack.

I am not gonna post it here right away , Since im still messing with the settings and may break down and try to add  sound and  the projectiles back , a possibly a extra black skin.  but definit ly before halloween mabye .. lol.

I think i covered all the points here ,The mesh/model is from a stargate lssg mappack. and im really just making it work so to speak.  the model is not mine.

I original planned to simply ‘fi’x it just break the dependency of the textures and re add then into the projectile file  and may still, but the editor gave me quite a bit of trouble so  just ended up doing it this way.

Download here

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Posted by on February 16, 2012 in Downloads, PAWN DATABASE


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