Setup unreal servers to be unattended, Be prepared for anything. (Howto)

14 Feb

Lets see you have a great server and its running and you are ready to leave it unattended and go on vacation huh ?

ARe you prepared for the possibility that somthing will happen while you are gone and it will break or something unexpected will happen , Mabye a power outage or a gametype switch , or somone breakes your server or you forget the password , Mabye you need to tweak somthing you forgot  or add a  new skin?

Where should I start?

First off ill start with the things you cant control

If the power goes out what happens- The server dies  and your not home to restart it!

Set you pc bios to boot up on power , so it will boot when it is plugged in.

Remove or disable the windows login screen. If the pc boots itself back up and it stuck at the login/ password  screen you screwed. teamviewer can run as a service pre login , we will get into that later..

optional : Get or refurbish a UPS or uniterupable power supply. you can get cheap one for  free  on ebay / craiglist / the trash with dead batteries , Replace the batteries for under 40$ and your good to go! Plug only server into the ups.   This will give a few minute mabye 5  or so for the power to come back on.

Failing this the pc will shut down , and then auto boot on power will allow the server to start back up as soon as power is avalible again.

Create a bat file that will auto restart your game and save the logs as a unique name. add this to you windows registry or startup menu.

This will allow the game to start as soon as the pc get to the desktop.  This batch file  will auto restart server  if it crashes.

example batchfile

Remote control your sever

unreal 227 has webadmin , but it basic and crap compaed to a full remote connection to the server.

Install teamveiwer of other good reliable Remote desktop software .I recommend teamviewer since it secure  and encrypted unlike vnc , and it free for private use and portable and it goes over port 80 so it  wont requre port fowarding like vnc does. Teamviewer can even tranfer files fast , so you can send custom files to the server from anywhere.

Install teamviewer free on a usb stick , and or on your iphone / android headset / tablet. you can now access the server console and settings easily anywhere in the bloody world!

Teamviewer on android galaxy player 4 ! showing the unreal server console. cell phone pic of cellphone – fail quality  lol it is very readabale  irl.

This also has the bonus that you can have a headless pc in your closet or under your desk running your server out of the way , I have one behind the couch lol.

other weird ideas

you crazy ?

Set up a dropbox public account for your server for free  and use filestork to let users upload there own files! , Install dropbox on your server  pc , link your public filestork dropbox folder on you pc to the unreal install in unreal.ini

Now create a little program that scans the dropbox folder and added every utx  skin file to your serverpackages automaticly! now users can upload there own skins and use them without your interaction! ( crazy since it a slight security risk if you dont filter .u filetypes or scan scripts for admin expoits)

hyzoran inspired this article.  now the world knows what to do!

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