JCoopZ1 Build 135 Public Release‏

12 Feb

Zombie ( Of the deadzone ) was kind enough to inform me that public  build 135 of the jcoopz gamtype is now avalible.


-Fixed GiveItem bug from incrementing weapon ammo when the user specified custom “ammo#” number is below the default MaxAmmo.
-Fixed PreLogin/Login bug from rejecting spectators when the server reaches MaxPlayer capacity while NumSpectators is still less than MaxSpectators.
-Fixed rare IP address storing bug that prevented a player from being logged by JCZLogger.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers.
-Added Web Admin JSay support from admin players.
-Added more ‘Admin’ command restrictions that an admin player should never need to invoke.
-Added support for PlayerStart ‘bEnabled’ handling from the 227 patch CoopGame.
-Added preliminary support for compatibility with IPv6 clients and servers (if there ever will be). Permanent IP range bans now require a dash “-” separator instead of a colon to avoid conflicts with IPv6 address hexadecimal notation.
-Added a feature for 3rd party development from ‘jCoopZ1SSF’ package. 😉
-Changed a specific “clientside anomaly” detection to be less sensitive on under powered or network congested servers.
-Improved AI hang prevention to reduce late level start load on server setups with pawn mutations. May prevent rare crashes around server level startup on custom maps that are unstable to extensive pawn mutations.
-Improved JCZLogger pruning routines which should produce more relevant ‘getalias’ command results and keep JCZLogger.ini file size smaller.
-Replaced the Nephthys v1.4 distribution with the Nephthys v1.5a018 distribution in archive.

I am like whatever about it to be honest , Why does everyone still use jcoopz.. …

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