Maplist editing tool idea progress

09 Feb

I have thsi problem i have 635 maps. and the map vote cant auto populate the list. Even if it could it wouldnt be in any order that would make much sence.

so i had this idea to make a quick program to simple  search all maps and write them into the voting handler ini file. but hyzoran pointed out somthing i totaly  didnt think of , the fact that if you did that the maps would not be in order.

but alas,  i still decided to waste the rest of my night building  the begining of a application anyway.

After spending 2 hours building 3 funtions to scrape the data from  the table via readtext. and  then relearning how to make that scraped data  back into a new table in the correct foramting and syntax. I managed to read all the voting handler.ini data to a nice neat table that i can deal with easily.

it worth noting that the original data is in a table already –  the difference between  formating is sadly a differce of mixed brackets only witch  would be difficuly to  fix.

it should now be safe if the data is out of order, or the file is to large to be read as ini values.  it takes about 1 second to read all the  data and build the table.with 2000 plus fields to there is no real performace drop anyway.

For now all it can do is move up or down a map to reorder the map with respect to the list ceiling and floor. It can save the data back into the votinghandler ini file easily without any failures or errorrs.

im stalled , since im having trouble comprehending  how to insert a map into my table or delete them I want to do it in a way that is failsafe like  simple delting a row is not easy since you need to re add it at the ending somplace as blank . same with insert if you insert a row you need to remove one off the end shift all the entries ,

i have  plans to have a auto sort by campain with add on caimpan list support or somthing . and also to delte duplicates and stuff.

it can currently scan a folder and list avalible maps, and check to see if the maps are in the votting list , it can also hide maps from the list like testing or intro maps.

more option ideas include auto adding campaiens , with ability to remove cutscences ,

also if i can master this awfull table crap , Then im thinking of making another a tool that you can create a list of maps and it would create map routing automaticly.

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