31 Jan

tr- deathhouse

This is both a coop and a trials game map.
it has a goal end and a teleporter that goes to nyleve.

this was suppose to be  a halloween themed map but ended up being something entirly differnt.

For tho of you just reading now deathhouse was a map i started back in october of 2010 for halloween.
it is bassicly a map of traps some copied from other maps, some original .
it possible to run tho it without getting killed if skilled ,
but quite hard if you dont know the methods.
it was made pretty much for watching noobs get killed over and over so i could LMAO.

mostly about timing and not so much skill. it has many ‘detours’
that send you back to the begining again to start over.
and some deadends you cant escape from.Its
is now consisting of 18 differnt traps and counting
ill be hosent , that many parts of this map are literal copied ( badly) from other maps.

you will die , over and over and over. the map can be beaten without cheating ,
but you may have issues in the laser area with timing/lag

theres a special actor embeded into the map
that will detect ghosting/flying and restart you at the begining
so mabye dont try and cheat 😀

there are places in this map where you will get trapped and sent back to start without warning
it is done on purpose!

smashing ceiling
long jump
007 floor trap
and the sam style crusher bits at the end are my own work

yeah and since it largy unfair to not tell you this since i never gave a hint ingame:
up2 ,left3 ,up2 ,right1,up1,right2,back1,right4,up4
when you play you will know what this means lol, imstant arrow death if you dont.

features :

jumpbeam/chopjaws overlava (velora)

wall mounted triple stacked spike bars (velora)
crusherceiling maze ( original based on sam)
jumping trick spike gap ( original)
ceiliong crushers ( smaller gap , fastertime) ( based on sam)
metal jaws x 4 , cant pass on sides due to spike walls (foundry)
Lasers X 24! (extremend)
more jaws. and some swinging axes? (foundry / demonskeep?)
hallway filled with arrow spawner (25 arrowspawners), lava beam (velora)
spikes ceiling ,popup saw blades ( demonkeep?)
FALLING rocks(skarajamine)
halls that have triggered walls that smash you into spikes( rtcw)
oposing velocity fan/spike room ( original , sam se)
goldeneye style floor tile trap ( original , n64 goldeneye)
moving crusher ceiling trtap like in seerious sam (Already roufghed out)
snake/gizmo filling room with drop chutes (started)
Snake pit?.. yeah with killwe snakes… sweet idea

umm this map needs major work,

also some thanks to reject for the idea and constant push to get it worked on.


download link

i would recommend you play this with samspawn  checkpoinbt system !

at some point there will be updates again I have no idea when.

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