it’s been slow

28 Jan

Yeah it is very odd of me to not post anything but 1 video the entire month.

Usaully I post like once or twice  a week. But it just been so dead this month.


There is some good news tho,

When i was starting to create a master files draft post last week , I went looking for a temp site I started on 00webhost after they suspended my original account for bullshit reasons ,  To mirror some files on and noticed that my original suspended site has expired due to lack of use ,So due to that technicality i was able to just simple re activate my site and its now usable again ,  sans everythig that used to be there.

Due to there past history with  others and my experence , I dont exactly trust then to host my files or my site. Even if i wanted to take the time to recreate the blog and resources there again, I would be worried that they would susspend the account again for some non senseable reason ,Sso even tho i have the site back in my control I think the blog will just stay here like it is for now ,  Mabye eventully I can recreate the website/blog that was there ( i have all the files from the ftp so it is doable) , but its not important right now. Really blows that i cant embed or do javascript here or use custom plugins tho…

For now the root page Shows a massive list of my unreal projects / ports /  all  Avalible for Download! (subject to change). I am making a attempt to repack all my projects and publish them in whatever state they are currently in. it also has alot of 3rd party maps and mod that are super hard to find for download there aswell.

I have been spending some of my time helping lucas hosting there tva server , Witch now has coop  , TDM, DM , and counterstike DM/TDM running and choosable in the mapvote , it also running doompawns and doomweps as well as csweapons.

my freind that usally plays with my is busy playing warcraft  and raceing and never show up any more go figure.


makemeunreal posted this totally awesome unreal poster on unrealsp from deviantart


I played tho enforcer  yet again and recorded this play tho of the last 2 maps on easy

If your wondering what kind of game those enforcer pawns i posted came from and never heard of enforcer then this will explain quite alot




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