Turn a MP3 file into a Unreal/UT UMX tracker file using ‘Free’ software.[video]

14 Jan

It is hard to explain this to some people  in words (even for me to originaly understand it was troublesome) , I suspect even after this video , It will still be difficult to understand….

click heree to try to open in a new window

The video explains how to turn a mp3 audio file( of any music file midi , wav , wma  etc) into a unrealengine 1 compatible umx file using wavepad and modplugtracker

you may need to muck around with the amplify buttons in modtracker to make the track more aufible.

Links to the applications

wavepad –
Wavepad is a free trial – But the task that we use it for in this video is allowed even after the trial expires as a basic (non pro) functionality.

Modplug tracker / open mpt
either version should work i used the original version for this video the user interface is the same between versions.

Thank you to the freinds who tought me how to do this when I did not know how originaly , hopefully this helps someone.

licensing :

if you are worried about copyright issues ,  You can use free tracks that are licensed under a creative commons. or use  free midi files or such.

There alot of great free cc music online if you hunt it down( like eckoplasem) Im not afraid to use any music I want in game , Since only the people that download the maps will ever hear it. and it is of rather low qulity compared to the original source files .


the original source of this information is here along with a old copy of mptracker.


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2 responses to “Turn a MP3 file into a Unreal/UT UMX tracker file using ‘Free’ software.[video]

  1. Anonymous

    February 6, 2013 at 7:01 am

    HEY BOB what unrealed is that ?

    • bobisunreal

      February 6, 2013 at 7:12 am

      Unrealedfix4 (unreal 225 editor) for purposes of the instructions, any unreal editor 225,226,227,or ut should work.


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