Another’s Years End.

01 Jan

Well it’s drawing near, The end of 2011 is  hours away.

This year was the year for many intersting things ,  like the release of the 227h patches  , and many half decent games  but nothing that strikes me as note worthy.

I would do as all the other blogs and talk about the strong points of the year  but i cant think of any thats worth repeating

Many server owners have stopped operation in the last year including aperently the leveling server and a few others i cant think of off the top of my head.

Im not sure if its truth or just the normal whatever , But leela aka -kamikaze- posted that she is quiting unreal this year,It seems so it says here on oldunreal  post .  Judging by the  post on the dog forums >> edit : THIS POST it obvious to me why ,   People insulted her/him’s work one to many times  to put up wit

Edit : Looks like they killed the forum thread , I have a saved copy  but I think it better if i dont link to it here. the post at oldunreal still stands , so I assume she didnt change here mind.


I cant say it enough ,  you need to be ‘Like whatever about it‘ and ignore  the people that try to bring you down, so many times this year I personally have adapted the gameplay and created maps and mods and crap that people demanded .( as in not ask for ,seeminly  require to keep playing);  just to have the people turn around and be ungratful and threaten to walk away.

here is a slice of just one day of my effort into that halloween map this only includes importing models and stuff and it only one of 2 scrrens worth or the work. not even a single minute of map editing.

somthing to remember ,

90% of the people that make stuff for this game do it in there spare time , when there not at work or at school/college. you should thank the people instead of insulting them ,they do this for free.

I wont give up unreal , It  is what I do , I like modding in it ,I like playing it , im not interested in hardy any other games so much , I have Many new games here piled up half started cause i cant break away from unreal long enough to complete them. , I spend  hours each day in this game or working on somthing related. I wont give up like others , The only thing that stops me or discourages me is the way people treat me or lack  of encouragment.

like the goonies once say ‘ Never say dead!” unreal wont die unless you stop playing it, dont be the one that kills the game.

In life outside of unreal , It been a tough year for people  including my family and it probly wont get better next year before it gets worse.

it’s also ‘Imagined’ The year of the so called end of the world. I will Belive it when i see it.

I have alot of possible really big posts lined up for next year ,

I will try and make the rounds tonight  ( already mostly did) on everyone server like I did last year

Cheers to another hopefully better year then the last!

edit one thing to add :

i just watch somone decide to leave there youtube (photoniciduction) and they presented some interesting views on why somone would do so, , In that case he was sick of other copiing and stealing his ideas to make money and therefore nuked his entire investment of 3 years of uploads.

it is a interesting angle i have not considered , what if the developeres i repost and reuplaod some of the files (like udhq  for exapme )  is a huge mistake ,What if they wanted them gone cuase people stole them and they dont want them to exist anymore or be a bad example for others . that a bad exaplme as most of there work was released freely and permision was fully giving to go in any direction you want ,  althought they did not exclusivly say you could redistribe the files.

Peopl e have there reason for Leaving and somtime They are much more complex them you can ever understand

Also ,  somtime you need to make  disisuions that will bother you years to deciosion to leave a good group of freinds 9 years ago . still bothers me,  I have dreams about it till this day.srsly i do.its like it haunts me.

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  1. Ron-BR

    January 1, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Happy New Year.


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