twt zombies mod for unreal 225 (buggy)

29 Dec

I was trowling the forums today a month ago  and ran over this post under new content releases , thats nothing notable by itself,  but as i read on -a notice that source to the zombies was included so to decided to see the ‘source’ to see if it was real source or  just normal include files.

i have habbit of downloading everything by certin members so i downloaded it anyway. first download was corupt , second one was ok , map included wouldnt load due to missing files. so i was unable to see it , But decided i was interested in the zombie mod , peaked at the meshes in umodel  and decided it was something i wanted to port to unrealgold (yay for vertex meshes) and since source was included this should be trival to ucc the files ( model files were included!),

had to remove the normal botback references to get it to compile , then there was the meshmap errors , seems almost like the soure that was included was just utpt or wot exported script , as the import texture nums were wrong , and also one mesh had a totaly invalid texturemap specified .

finished up- got it to complie with no errors after 20 minutes . and did i quik play test this is were my worries were further proven , the meshes had been extracted use utpt or wot for certin , the animations were messed up and no attemp was made to re sequence around the buggy frames.

futher more the compiled script throws 3 continuous scripterrors that overflow the log -two from a missing animation sequence (possibly due to the mesh being screwed up) and a access none  i managed to trace all the  way back to the root class melee scripts that i still cant get to go away , despite blocking out the entire meelie function with none checks,

they look somthing like this shot , but less ugly

Unrealgold version

summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin //class TWT_ZombieBalin extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin02 //class TWT_ZombieBalin02 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin03 //class TWT_ZombieBalin03 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin04 //class TWT_ZombieBalin04 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin05 //class TWT_ZombieBalin05 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin06 //class TWT_ZombieBalin06 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo //class TWT_ZombieGordo extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo02 //class TWT_ZombieGordo02 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo03 //class TWT_ZombieGordo03 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo04 //class TWT_ZombieGordo04 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo05 //class TWT_ZombieGordo05 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo06 //class TWT_ZombieGordo06 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieNurse //class TWT_ZombieNurse extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_Zombies_mutator //class TWT_Zombies_mutator expands Mutator config(MallZombies);
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraci //class TWT_ZombieTraci extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraci2 //class TWT_ZombieTraci2 extends TWT_ZombieTraci;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraje //class TWT_ZombieTraje extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_zombietraje1 //class TWT_zombietraje1 extends TWT_zombieTraje;
summon mz.TWT_zombieTraje2 //class TWT_zombieTraje2 extends TWT_zombieTraje;
summon mz.TWT_zombieTraje3 //class TWT_zombieTraje3 extends TWT_zombieTraje;

any way heres a  unrealgold version for enjoyment it buggy but the access none are gone ,The mellee attack is totaly removed and semi reworked still needs more work. Thers a zombie spawner mutator included but im not sure you want to use it as it will freak out if your map isnt pathnoded or has to many nodes. pretty bad code really.

The mutator wil crash out 225  but it works perfecty in 227 , Thers is a script recuse loop issue in 225 , and due to the code the guy used , It tried to spawn postbeginplay without a delay , so in 225 you cant even start the server with it in the hookmutator list  without it locking up…

you can safely summon the indivudual zombies , with to much error , dont bother with the mutator

it been a month and i have lost intrest in fixing this further atm


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2 responses to “twt zombies mod for unreal 225 (buggy)

  1. Dr.Flay™

    March 30, 2014 at 11:57 am

    It would be better to work from one of Gopostals or Loathsomes later fixed versions, if you ever come back to these.
    You don’t need to do any fixes, just convert.

  2. bobisunreal

    March 30, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    yeah maybe, this was based off of gopostals build he released wth the mall map ,
    Before loathsome touched it , IIrc mine had to be a hack job , Becuase it used mutator plus calls that 227 didnt have or something, of course i had to hunt the original twt build becuase when postal exported the mesh with utpt , it messed up the animations, with i properly exported with umodel , but those broke the skins somhow, loathsomes version only omits those animations., but may or may not be better to build on depending of how he handled the mutator end of it.


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