Client Versions Profile + PieChart

28 Dec

I have always wondered just how many people use certain versions of the game , It interests me as a server owner to try and make my server the most compatible , and watch out for crashes between  certin version of the game ,

A few montnsts ago , A addon was created for jgrass that was called versionprofiler , and it allowed users that joined that server to have there client version info logged , Which i thought was a great idea for statistics.
but further examination  made me realize alot of issues with that system,

Problem 1:
That server ran 227h , So that fact by itself will stop many people from joining , It like a stigma or somthing , they visit one server , it says you need to update , so they think they cant join any 227 server.

Problem 2:

The method he used required the user to get into the server before it can replicate the information from the clientside, and this particular server requires about 50 or 60 mb to join.

These problems make this situation biased IMO and the result will lean toward 227 users only.

Lets fix that!

What i did:
I created a 225 server , In 225 , Downloads  arnt a issue anyway , Since nephthys shows all the client version information  as soon as the client attempts to connect so no need to make any mod to collect the info , or even wory about them downloading.

Example :

Nephthys: 2011/12/25 01:42:45: New Bob Player

DevNet: Level server received: HELLO REVISION=0 MINVER=224 VER=227 SUBVER=8 Computer:1xxx5294382 Identity:-xxx596030

The only downside to  this is that you cant identify subversions of 226 , But we dont care -I want 227 counts vs 226 counts. we want to know how many players can use 227 features etc.

So I crawled the log files for connections , The server I created wasnt very established  ( I used the data fom my  tva server , Since the data was fresh  and there were no files to download ) , Only 77 players connected so far in a week.Thats about avrage 10 new players a day lol.

As a quick comparison , I sarted a 227h server  a mothth ago with a lot a hyp and stuff , and i got 7 total connects in 2 weeks. huh wtf ???

Neptis can log aliases , but it not 100% acurate , especially  if you not entering the server to save unqiqe id’s first , etc , and dynamic ip’s could mees up the results  , So I manualy checked  for duplicate ips and multiple name or uids

Plus , If results become worrysome, I can always trace the ip to a area , or simply check the dynamic status of the address  and use that as a secondary check for duplicates.

But lets get to the results. !!!!!

This may come at a bit or a shocker ,

227 came close with 32 users between all version( many using outdated releases, Witch would be non compatible with h) , But 226  wins with over 40 users. How sad why is everyone not using 227 yet it been out for 3 years.. mabye cause they don’t care or don’t know it exists who knows , but this basally means you cant use a 227 server with 227 only features if you want to have any players join it.


edit : please dont misunderstand this graph , this doesn’t mean it a good idea to  have a 226 server , as there are 3 net incompatible version of 226 in use.

I will do this again once i has 100 user to recaculate the pie again.

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