More maps as part of roncorridors pack

09 Dec

Half of these maps are either  ones I already spoke about (link) , and the other half are new , Its new for them to be linked together in this package as a compilation.

I dont wanna seem like i just reposted this so i will add my thoughts..

well depite that fact that he was taking a break for the holidays , ron has gone ahead and created 6 new maps just this month. heh

I downloaded and played these 4 times so far , once while half asleep the day they came out, Then the next day I played them with 2 players them I invited some friends and  the 5 of us teamed up and ran tho some of them.

At first it was like ah i have seen these… Then I got to the new ones

now i saw the prevous test versions of some of these maps and at first when i saw the maze map (ron6) from overhead  i was like crap it huge. but the new version you cant see from the top  and i was suprised when i ended up in the maze ,

The maze reminds me of open field maps prehaps like serious sam. it wasnt to bad i was alone the first time i tried it and it took me 56 minute to complete the map , no time did i feel lost(good thing)  , half that time was spent walking tho.

The second time i played  when i had 4 players i set the groundspeed to 800 and it took the 4 of us 26 minute to clear the map.

This map is alot of fun and probably my favoriite out of the pack.( i like open fields etc) The only bad thing i can say about that map is that  it has no pathnoding , so monsterspawn cant do it job to its full potential, and that  it lacks any kind of foiliage or landscaping.( it could really use a lot or grasses tree decorations, from varous pack , not the stock unreal ones). I Opened map in editor tried to pathnode part of it added 300 or so pathnodes , hand got tired , and i stopped lol

many of the maps in this pack are in the style or room-hallway-room which can somtime get repeatitive , but it works.  in newron2 it seems like a bunch of hallways , But it enjoyable for a strange reason to me  i have played it 5 times..

There are some maps with a construction sites cranes etc  and stuff and some big open villages and stuff ,

If I had the time i would decribe each map and have a  screen shot , but im  busy , It took me 3 days to write this post up and actully post it…

Pack Maplist :

RonsCorridors.unr Rons Corridors
ron1.unr Untitled
ron2.unr Longa Jornada 1
ron3.unr Zagal em Apuros
ron4.unr Untitled
ron5.unr Untitled
ron6.unr Vale do Labirinto BBGfix
newron0.unr Templo Perdido
newron1.unr Galeria Perdida Parte 2
newron2.unr Galeria Perdida Final
newron3.unr Base Subterranea.
newron4.unr The Time of you live
newron5.unr Castelo
VilaUrbana.unr Vila Urbana
exemplo3.unr Subterraneos
VilarejoNali.unr Vilarejo Nali Moderno
ZagalNali.unr Zagal de Napali
ZagalPai.unr Zagal Pai

This set or -linked set-  Includes some of the maps that i also seperatly posted about (subway map etc), With various fixes so i would recomend you download these and replace tho original files.


source post


… um yeah i would point to the npg mirror but it seems like they just slapped the  new files in a subfolder and reuploaded the zip so i wont -to much mucking around for players to deal with..

its hard to follow updates on these maps since there is such a mess of changed files and ‘random’ names and there not usally linked together in a order, you want to follow inbetween major releases watch his blog  or watch the top left side bar on this site for mini updates…


spelling is horrible on this post i bet since i broke down and used firefox with no spellcheck , and it 2 am.

some words of wisdom so to speak –

look at it this way , you like making maps and enjoy it-  and you share , anybody else who likes them is a bonus and  gives you a reason to pursue it further.

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