updates, the voting list new pawns etc

29 Nov

I added a crap load of maps back into the voting list a bunch that most people havent seen yet

some highlights:

  • map 1  -18 of  enforcer (map01 – mao18) 10 is buggy
  • ^^ 1 – 32 !
  • also see x23 – x35 for more unfinished xcom map ports
  • xmas1 a ut mh port of  xmas advanture map( unfinished)
  • re added the USP maps
  • FLD -a undying map of a big terrien field map.
  • a bunch of new ron maps are  in there somplace newron## zagenali etc
  • the herdcoop japan maps are readded
  • mhegypt2 – a egypish monsterhunt map port
  • hhlol-5g5d , the newest build on the halloween map
  • castle village and a few maps from the undying onestandalone pack ( should be endable, dont recall)
  • a small catacombs pack from undying , starts at cata >cata2>saintshall
  • ‘tie’ a 3 map pack from skw infinished  but ‘differnt’
  • wolfhd1 a wolf3d port
  • 40 other you already saw..

I also added 4 new monsters , The muton , sectiod , FS snake and FS scorpion.  into the spawner – now with more variaty ansd crazyness.


the halloween map also got a small cave..

im also looking to find out how to cut out some of the lag for you guys…

think mabye today i might go and import some more  maps

also :

i worked on importing the enforcer shotgun model but i am having trouble since im lazy and tring to use  the quadshot as a shotgun base.

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