Halloween spirevillage beta

27 Nov

Halloween spirevillage – A hallowewen-ish map based off of spirevillage



-haunted forest with suprises

-haunted house ( well not yet)
-spooky lake
-Large graveyard
-underground crypts and tombs
-secret cave areas
-upper village
-hay maze

ideas from this map are from multiple people.

all editing was done by me bob

For anybody thats interested in using or playing it , This map is a ever evolving project , so you can expect mismatches online . There is certenly plans to expand the map to include a bridge to the  spire and to complete the house and village areas  and add caves and tombs and more decoration.

Thers is a crap load of stuff mylevel’ed into the map as well.

The map has 2 ends one will goto mylevel , one will goto deathhouse witch you wont have.

I am losing interest in this in favor of other projects like the undying maps and xcom stuff, So this is going on the backburner for now.

I am sticking this here since i am open about sharing my stuff and acully want others to see my work. ironically i think i forget to change the author tag..


Do whatever ?:

its still a wip , dont hate.


there seems to be a trend in ut where you credit every shred of the work you reused , so just to cover my bases :

credits to specific in map content used :

The map included geometry  from the following maps

level1.unr ( the ramp to the village)
passage,une ( the lake rock brush)
02village ( few of the pasages , and some houses)
coldpassge.unr( some tombs)
mh-deathhouse (tombstones)
mh death??? (more tombstones)
map_23 (xcom) ( crypts , tombstones some textures)
map_24 (xcom) (the farm models , hay bales tractor etc)
hellow33n.unr ( a unused trap and one of the music tracks)

It uses the following mods
Quakempak2beta ( by mu)
tobiotreesa ( ??)
sinistral tree pack – (bsed offf of treepack2 btw)
icjackolantern (cheese)
hallow_fx (bob)
hallows_pawns (bob)
farmdeo (xcom enforcer- xdecoration.u)
rtnpdeco ( ripped from herd maps)

halween2 ( from dm-hellow33n.unr)
blackstar ( from ut mh)
killersaber ( from a old console game)

halloweentex from jay maps
crypt2 (ut)

a random banner/sign maker  online and other from google image search


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