undying maps and other updates

24 Nov

Latley I have been  hunting for u1 engine games to extract somthing ‘new’ from  to expand my collection and liven up the experence.  there are quite afew u1 engine games and at the minumum you can extract maps or textures , somtimes models as well from them.

my latest game  is undying , a horror game (225 ish engine) the games pretty good by itself but has no muliplayer at all. I messed around   and imported a bunch of the maps from the game into unreal , But many of the maps in that game are  short and cross linked , and not at all ideal for coop play , Some of the texture files wont load correctly in 225/227 , and as far as i can tell no meshes can be exported , both umodel and utpt completly fail on any attempts. im not sure if the mylevel trick will work in 225 , but I imagine the files are in a slighly differnt format anyway.


As for the xcom stuff i started , i imported about 20 maps but seem to have lost interst atm . watching  emtpy servers all day , that dont keep me very motivated. I had 3 people very interested in the pawns,  2 or those were also quite  interested in the maps , But 1 walked away and another is to busy racing to play unreal for more then 5 minutes. The server i started to test them showed a whopping total of 5 total visitors  in 3 weeks.  yuk

there been nothing posted latly since there is almost nothing worth talking about  really i wanted to post up the enforcer stuff but there buggy a bit , and i dont have screenshots of them all and also  or the effort to write up the full post.



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