When is enough too much and more

10 Nov

well the new pawns were cool ,So i took the time to import more of them!- um almost all of them to be exact heh

Heres is a few screenshots of them in unreal.

Theres about a half dozen more I dont have shots of yet aswell.


I also went ahead and imported maps x24 – x33 just becuase i can!
Of course this is where the problems starts ,
I only planned on importing the decorations and a few pawns ,
yet ended up importing 3/4 of the game.!!!
Now the amount of downloads to play those maps is closer to 50mb.
The pawns package is like 14mb now and dont forget the urbantex.utx thast like 19mb by itself…
so now there is tooo much to even  be usefull.nobody gonna download 50 mb foe 10 crappy maps….
So I spent better part of today breaking up thos pawns into separate packages, That i was gonna post here and then it occured to me it not such a good idea.
so that will need to wait.
I am considering starting another unreal sever just for these pawns and maps  i think it enought to start a new setup with…mabye a x planet server or somthing.
i have a habit of over doing things sometimes most of the time , and this is no exception…
on a unrelated note ,
The halloween map got some hay and a tractor.
Its  a bit early to think about it now , But I want to start work on a christmas/holiday related map , Possibly  rework skytown , or spirevillage again  Last year I tried at last minute to make one from spirevillage and it turned into a crashy mess(mapname  s24).
Prehaps I can break down and attempt to make a christmas  map from scratch. I was reminded by this video  that the holidays are comming fast.
I cant do terrain so i have no idea where thats going , Plus one of my good supporting unreal friends  Doesnt really do christmas(just dosnt care for it)  , So theres noone to encourage me on a map of that theme really except myself.
Also while im thinking about importing stuff,
Im considering  making a tool that will fix the imports in decompiled .uc files automatically. What I mean by that is to fix paths and match the import names to the assets. Currently im doing this manually , but it predicable , and having  something do it automatically , Would shave off 45 seconds per scriptfile.  when you have dozens of files that can be the difference between doing it and saying screw it.(like the xdecorations package).
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