08 Nov

Recently I aquired the game Xcom-enforcer for the purpose of mabye expoting maps etc.

But I started playing it and it too much fun. Its a 3rd person fixed viewpoint shooter , 14 monters ,14 weapons , bosses , 40+ levels powereups  etc, it is based on the unreal engine1.

I  got really into it and completed the game  in a few hours , But i have to play it 4 more tiems to unlock more maps and stuff still

Below – A screenshot from the original 24

It easy enough that you can load it up and play tho a few maps in a few minutues, I would sort of likeen it to a a flash game. fast action . powerups  constant change of weapons , good fun.

It has online coop play , unforntinitly there are no longer any servers  to play on in the game, completly empty not even one left. The masterserver system is still up and running tho so it still possible to run your own.

so that brings me to  the point of me getting the game , to rip content!

The game has teleports and they go form mission to missi9on or stages , or bonus maps , so there is not set senceable order.

I decided to import  maps 24 ,25 and 26 and they had a halloween sytle themes , graveyard , farm , and a crop maze in maps 26., I wont be doing a full port, I am not gonna import the creature factories etc , I am gonna leave the map mostly bare monster wise and its very well path noded and monsterspawn does a great job.

i also imported  just the needed decorations. i am aware the somone has already ported the decoration pack  but its not online , so i had to do it my self.

The graves , trees , powerups , gaslamp, statues , hay bales and  stuff i imported justso the map is complete.

i also took the time ( more importantly i guess) to import a few of the awsome pawns from that game.

Pawns i imported:

  • xcom.snakeman
  • xcom.reaper
  • xcom.wingedterror
  • xcom.sectoid
  • xcom.silverback
Here s a link to  the extracted stuff if you want to see  it  or somthing, be aware that its a work in progress and that the sounds arent there yet and there are unfinished bits of the code , like projectiles etc. but they are functional pawns so far.
download :
I may import more as it rather easy i think, It takeas me about  2 – 5 minutes per pawn. But it time  and the  other pawn have projectiles and stuff that would need to be imported and such , that takes more time

but yeah the 3 maps are imported and playable and stable. and theres a few monsters to mess with.

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