Santa playermodel

04 Nov

I spent alot of time catching up on a new forum to me  yestrerday(ut99) and ran into this santa model for ut.

Its pretty old lol , and I guarantee that somone already ported it to unreal1 already , But I dont see it online so it was probably done privatly like everthing else.

The original model and code are not mine. The script states it is the work of heulers.

I went ahead and basicly did a script export  and fixed the issues between ut and unreal1(parent classes), and recompiled. childs play really heh , I didnt touch the original scripts except to remove decap().

I added a pickup that will swap meshs should your gametype not support custom playerpawn models by itself.also tweaked the int so it works in u1.

it acully a pretty ugly model in the end but what the hell.

mabye i should have saved this for december but idk!


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