The halloween night plan

31 Oct

Not sure when im gonna to start  i figure about 6;30 or somthing but may be earlie I plan on staying till about 3 am or so.

. not sure how map order will be There is 3 ends in the halloween map , one to deathhouse , one to coldpassge and another to nyleve. i dont plan on using them. I am working rather hard last few night to try and clean up loose ends in the map and stablize the geometry as much as possible.The map is now bug free so every version is safe to play on. Took me like 2 hours to jrk around with the rebuild for that to happen. ( My freind was nice enough to play test for 12 hours and download over  200 mb worth of differnt versions of the map  in the proccess. thanks much ) I tried fairly hard last 2 month to find ideas and time but in the end i was at a lose of good ideas and interest  intill just yesterday. go figure.

stuff that will be ready for halloween

  • graveyard
  • pumkin patch
  • forest
  • upper village( not technicly ready as doors dont work)
  • lake (kinda plain atm  )
  • crypts ( well theres one crypt so far )
  • secret spire cave battle (it was supposed to be something else)
stuff that half done and wont be ready this year
  • haunted house
  • tunnels to the house
  • trick or treating mutator (collect candy while playing etc)
  • a multitude of pawns and stuff i didnt have the time to make. see below
New weapons/items in the map
  • skull shooter crossbow
  • thowable buther knife
  • Pumkin chucher gun( hope fully will be finished)
  • ratpickup
  • shovel pickup ( not finished)
  • candy apples health
  • carryable lighted jackolantern (hopefully)
  • candy bars and candyes (Not started grrr)
New pawns
  • pumkin chucker titan
  • spirit shooter
  • rat (not started)
  • spider ( not started)
  • goul
  • various flying skulls and such( some done)
  • bat
  • grimreaper pawn?
There is a vine to climb out of the titan pit.simply ‘walk’ up the vine
You can get to the top of map with the ramp in the forest.
To get out of the lake jump onto the logs and use boots.
There is a entry to the tombs in the graveyard.
i think im gonna turn off monsterspawn during the first map so players can explore a bit , Thers aready have a few battles pre scripted into the map.
come explore or whatever ……….
may have another version ready bty tonight. h ave to
outcome :
All went reasonably as well is it could have I guess. a few people showed up and hung out , Some came and went , Others stuck around and fell asleep. I stayed intill about 2 or 3 am I belive .Played tho  the halooween maps , some paci maps , mh-toegypt and then played tho the horror pack and some of csetje intill i fell aslep. not to bad  considering there was other ocupied server and those other chose not to visit.
i woke up and played 4 more maps again  and now it noon
I love that ron remarked  ‘play unreal no sleep crappy jobs’  you nailed it man.
we have crappy real life  and stuff and we enjoy unreal and dont sleep much. heck i would much rather stay up and do some unreal bs or just shoot stuff  then sleep.-sleep kinda overated when you dont have much else to look foward  in life.
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