map : Chronicles of Weedrow [227]

30 Oct

a 3 map journey  from the folks at unrealsp


Download Links:
Chronicles of Weedrow page




Other Links: The development thread


first off the map set requires unreal 227 due to it use of emiters for snow and possibly static meshes.  The auther recommends you enable screen flashes as well  to play the map witch i refuse to do since i dislike  screen flashes.

Its a story based map , where you take the part of weedrow and do whatever he was planning on doing( i wont spoil it here). The map contain interesting elements and geometry. Many cool  mabye ‘new’ ideas. You will have to play carfully to not get stuck in some places . There are many surprises and stuff  that arnt really suprises as much as jokes based on the part of the mappers related to there way or thinking. Due to the fact that multiple people worked on the project the plot that you start with takes multiple  turns in just the first map.

Like I said it a story based map and all the talking is already pre planned out for you , and you will spent more time reading the specialevent messages in the console then you will playing the maps.Some of the messages contain offensive words to a possible younger or clean audience. (Not that i care , but some players might)

There is almost nothing to kill in the first map . Although it may be cool in coop , You may well get bored very quickly reading messages.

I played tho the first map and started loosing interest after about 10 minutes of reading. The geometry and detail are top notch to excellent tho.  Created by mappers that you never see in unreal since they mostly only play ut.

I didnt play tho all the map yet. so i cant say any thing abou the second 2 maps

I will run in on the often never running ‘whatever want to do’ server for the remainder of today if anybody is insterested in playing it online. You will need 227h to join.



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