Portalgun. unreal, Yaaay!

28 Oct

Just made a ut portholegun mod  compatible with unreal1( did not make it myself) , You can spawn portholes and jump into them to teleport to the other.Its like some mutant crossover into unreal.

Obviously it wont let you see into the porthole .. I am fairly sure thats beyond unreal’s abiliy , Prehaps with  advanced scripted textures that may work. but why bother.

Thanks foxpup ( I think) for suggesting that I didnt have a portal gun yet. I have been temped so many times to try to make one but the fact I ran over one in ut  this morning saved me the trouble.  Now I do!

it runnig on the crazy server(225)  If you want to portal around allday ,

I already tried infinite portholing from the ceiling hehe.

Download link ?

No not right now it kinda  a test build think so no downloads yet ;(




samspawn ‘may’ be getting a singleplayer version update soon!

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Posted by on October 28, 2011 in Cool Stuff


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