Doom Baron and Imp for unreal

27 Oct

ok this is by no means new , but i have never seen it  in unreal 1 / gold anywhere.

These are  recreations of the imp and baron from the great fps doom, I have heard of these pawns  before but always assumed they were skeletal meshes and not usablein u1, and  simple didnt know where to download them.

But yesterday my friend invited me into playing a ut monsterhunt server  and although i never got o play on the sever, I joined and had 600mb of downaload and it took over 5 hours to downloads. and was testing my cache tool out and saw the imp and baron package and had to look,

They are vertex models so they will work in 224+!! That is only reason im even mentioning them really.  It looks like they dont have doompawn sounds but it a nice addition since they are full 3d models.




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Posted by on October 27, 2011 in Cool Stuff, Downloads, PAWN DATABASE


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