The bat pawn Part1.

26 Oct

ok yeah  you may recall a pawn (monster) in the startgatels mappack , referered to as duch01 , A bat like creature based  off of gasbag.

Its halloween time,  So I want to use the bat on my servers and in my map project. But the bat is dependent on a 21mb textures package …ugh.

Well some simple  looking in the editor would have you determine that the only thing in that texture package it references is the projectile skin , referenced by sk1 (skull sprite projectile) .

so yeah I  ‘fixed’ that by blanking out the texture references and resaving ,  I attempt to re import the textures , A Standard pcx file exported by the editor itself… and the editor does all sorts of weird things like write importscomments  into the texture selector and load the file but not let them be selected then somehow says i imported them into unreali.effects,Since its total confused.

ok i finally get the texture imported properly and set in the projectile  , I save the changes , But unrealed’s   script editor refuses to save the changes.


So repeat that 15 more times , Get annoyed more. Decide that you dont care about keeping it as original as possible,  Give up on simply ‘fixing’ it. which should take 2 minutes but it does not.

Then   do it the ‘easy’ (advanced) way.

Export the model  (umodel), Export the code and defaults. Modify the defaults to point to your new texture references , Add in the imports to load the textures. Export and move the projectile class back into the same package. UCC  the  layout file as a new class –  troubleshoot a bit. your done.

This takes a total of like 5-10 minutes if you know what your dealing with.

I had some issues and decided it would  be easier the just subclass gasbag , The code is like 90% identical to gasbag. That takes all the authors code out of the equation as well. So at this point i have a gasbag with a bat model / texture and im not even going to use the projectile since i want it kinda bite only.

so yeah…..

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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in Cool Stuff, PAWN DATABASE



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