A odd way to add custom footstep sounds

26 Oct

…. another quick idea.

I saw a post this morning that relates to  footstep sound being required to  be set in textures . and this to me seems limiting if you need to make a new texture ,  for it to work.

in 30 seconds a idea came to me that would let any version (and any game) implement custom footstep sounds per area.

make a custom scripted trigger that on touch , changes the other(playerpawn). footstep1 / 2  sounds , as The footstep sounds are a variable , place various  deffirent sounds settings in different areas etc.  kinda like using zones but without the zones

somthing like this ( non functional code)

 function Touch( actor Other )
 if ( Other.IsA('PlayerPawn') )
                 other(playerpawn).footstep1 = newsound;


Just place the  triggers – heck even spawn them into maps with a mutator to add to existing maps , The only thing you would need todownload  are the sounds. the only bad thing about this is that you need to place alot of actors or be  very carfull with collision

Yeah it very hacky but it would work everywhere i think ! No new texture file s, no 227 , no modified playerpawn classes etc

whatever just a thought

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