YACT beta

23 Oct

YACT – Yet Another Cache tool

I was working on the list tool thing and decided to create a cacheripper tool just becuase I think I can make it better then some  others and since its more flexible. This isnt suppost to be better so to speak ,Sometime I just make things like this for fun.

Installing unreal in a non standard folder drives most cache tools crazy. Plus most are path hardcoded to the unreal tournament folder IIRC , So there use in unreal is limited.

Note: cache identification requires cache.ini , provided only by  unreal  227 clients or above, if you join 225 severs you need to (at least for now)  to add the file extensionsto those files  yourself.

It auto reconizes the unreal registry keys to detect the install or unreal folder.

If that falls it tries to autodetect 13 ‘standard’ installation paths on both c and d drives. If you install is so wierd that it cant find it you can just browse to you unreal cache folder.(or  todo :drop your cache.ini onto the program)


  • It can load large caches 2000+ enties in under  10 seconds.
  • Does not not require any external dll’s or libaries , No need to install any python or java engines , can run portable with no install.
  • You can multiselect / drag select multiple files to convert
  • Displays selected files information , ucc hash , MD5 , file size etc
  • Automatcly divides the listing via creation date.
  • todo: accepts commandline arguments
  • save :  Indiviual files saveas or export all selected to a folder
  • Todo: auto sort
  • Todo: keep datestamps after copy
  • todo : built in skin int builder
  • export file list, hashes etc
  • simple user interface:
well that it acully… but it work great and fast!
Updates coming when i feel like it. it like a side project thing.
Download link to latest build  ( link  will be updated)
Cacheripping thoughts:

These days cache ripping is still frowned upon in unreal by some  authers, But on the other hand , Servers and unreal sites dont keep updated websites or publish ther content on any kinda basic , So caching and ripping (For the soul purropse of useing the files and not stealing the works of others)  is kinda the perfered distrubuion method these day IMO . Some sites like snipersparadise even recommend that you get there files from cache  for offline play or hosting , Since there site is overstuffed already.

In unrealtournamnt back when i played that was how custom content was distrubuted , you joined a cool server , played a bit , converted the cache fed it tho stuffimporterer and played in botmatches offline.

edit: it beta or whatever .

bugs known:

hashing info is out of sync when selection is multiple massive. 10+ its a updatebox bug.

custom path breaks the hardcoded path stuff but shouldnt in certin cases.

export list  point to the wrong function.

window title is wrong


: add some sort of ucc decoplile suppoert similar to stuffimporter

edit : updated  oct 30

  • added basic support for string search in list to locate files .
  • added export list 2 , to export hash data etc of selected files
           This was done to facilitate exporting a cache cleanup list for 226 users.
  • removed submit feature.
          Was just idea , not worth the trouble to build a db.
  • somewhat fixed the custom path issue ( it was calling a older function)
  • woulds have more to show but likle i said is a side project i add features as i need them.

Edit again oct 30 12 pm:


  • Fixed hashing lag while searching. added results of search

Edit nov 4 9pm


  • Search speed tripled. can search 2000 + entried in just a few sec. now.
  • ‘hash’ speed doubled.
  • Removed feild ‘filetype’ from info
  • Added search option ‘nohash ‘ for pre sorting
  • Added search selection
  • Added support gamepaths for  tactical Ops +steampaths
  • Fixed the invalid file error on custom paths, (due to bad var.)

you can create actionscript/lua plugin  scripts , the program will look for scripts in the c:\u_plugins/ folder

im not gonna explin the entire api and crap so you will need to do some guessing…inntill i have time

ulisttool does , this by itself cant yet do the scripts thing sry

in other news we lose another site due to people acting like 3 year olds
im sure it will be back tho after the bs clears.

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