New map – wormhole16

19 Oct


A  reincarnation of a unfinished speedmapping contest entry  map by bbg.

Notes :

overall the map is pretty good  although some parts of the map despite the authors hate of running back and forth to hit buttons , Seems like just a time sink ,  The doors locked , lets jump down this shaft, and halfway tho falling the door unlocks. Thats just weird.

There are alot of passaages in this map. Alot of looping back around to where you already were,Some neccecery , Some not.

The fan chamber was a cool edition , but  i destroyed the fan blades  at first  thinking to jump tho them. so the effect was lost a bit the blades should have been non destroyable.

Some of the map may be overpowered but i cant tell for sure , Since i had a monsterspawner running when i tested the map. i spotted 2 titan and a warlord in fairly confined spcaces. With little of no cover.

It work all versions , 225 +



crappy alt download

another alt (archive)

source :

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