Event / Halloween frag fest planned

19 Oct

On halloween night , I plan on running some halloween themed maps and hanging out.

(On the ah monsters server)

Specifically , My halloween spire village will see it Premiere then ,Whether it gets  finished of not. , The current incarnation of the Halloween map is buggy , So I would recommend that if you play in that map that you use 227 + Direct x , And not 226f and 3dfx as some parts of the map may crash you up.226 in genral may crash (gpf or bsp occluide).

also ,The current holloween map file size + packages is about 20 – 40 mb .

also I plan or loading up a bunch of deathmatch maps like Dm-graveyard , Dm-trick-or-treat ,Etc  and basically killing stuff all night or just hanging  out.

It not gonna be  a ‘coop’ playtho tho-The ending will be disabled or removed , as maps will propably be chaged by admin when us guys get bored with one.

I will  probably be running some mutators like blood / gibs / tombstone / Halloween stuff , and possible a differnt gamtype , xcoop? so i can run said mutaors that night. time will tell

More Details will develop as it get closer to the Halloween night.

Your invited  to hang out  that night( if you not eating your candy and scaring people), But just know that it may be slow and maps wont change in any kinda hurry. there will be plenty  of kills and stuff available to kill tho.

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Posted by on October 19, 2011 in Server news


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