Two more maps…

17 Oct

I think im still playing catch-up here I think…..  Many files I have received and not  looked at yet….

Two more maps made by our friend Ron …


A subway map , ‘Fairly’ calm. May require a bit of jumping to progress.interesting’seating area.

Notes :

map uses  fcitysounds.uax , I have included them in the  download here ,

This map ends in nyleve , But should point to VilarejoNali#

Download map

NPG download link



This map is to be played  following exemplo3.unr

it is a kinda city themed map that you arrive at via the subway from the previous map.

You need to press buttons on the top of the building to progress. In the current state , It has a ending but it points nowhere. Details at street level are fairly good , traffic light signs etc.

Notes :

Also this map requires Fcitysounds.uax AND Fcity.utx, (Included in this download)



on the  ah sever exaplo is listed as exaplo(4)  Since I kept 4 other versions…

you can find textures / sounds here if you missing something.

ah … yeah mabye i can re link them myself but i have a feeling that villagonali will be updated soon by the author.. Files will be updated with same links if possible..

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