Ronscorridors coop Mappack

15 Oct

Better late then never i guess , I just yesterday got to playing tho the ‘corridor’ pack…Despite the fact that i had the files even before they were made into a pack.. aperently i get sidetracked easily with other projects. Then when the site went down I lost the draft  post I made of the other maps. anyway….

This  is a 12 coop mappack for  unreal 225 +

filename                               title                                               auther                                end url

Ronscorridors.unr Rons Corridors Ron-br 1EntrandoPeloCano#1EntrandoPeloCanoentry?peer :
1EntrandoPeloCano.unr Untitled No Author 2SonhoIrreal#2SonhoIrrealentry?Peer :
2SonhoIrreal.unr Untitled No Author 3Acordando#3Acordandoentry?Peer :
3Acordando.unr Untitled No Author 4novaera#4novaeraentry?Peer :
4novaera.unr NovaEra Ron-br 5GalleryChizra#5galleryChizaentry?Peer :
5GalleryChizra.unr Gallery Chizra Ron-br 6GardenVancora#6GardenVancora?Peer :
6GardenVancora.unr Garden Vancora Ron-br 7NewNightUnreal#7NewNightUnreal?Peer :
7NewNightUnreal.unr New Night Unreal Ron-br 8aurora#8auroraentry?Peer : 8aurora#8auroraentry?Peer :
8aurora.unr Untitled No Author 9ron225#9ron225entry?Peer :
9ron225.unr Anciet end Skaarj Ron-br 10galeria#10galeriaentry?Peer :
10galeria.unr Galerias Skaarjs Ron-br 11finalarea#11finalareaentry?peer :
11finalarea.unr Untitled No Author nyleve#nyleveentry?peer :

Downlooad links ( for coop etc)

edit : this downlaod now contain  the 4 maps in the next post)

You can also download the individual maps files on rons blog iirc , But I didnt want to hunt for the most updated version links there.(Sry im just lazy today)

–There may acully be more maps in this ‘pack’ that I have here in a folder but I am  unsure of ther order . I need to look. I decided to post this as a whole rather then the 12 indivual maps.

Theres is currenrlty 3 versions of this pack floating around witch  confuses me just a little bit as to witch is more updated , Still think I may have got the wrong one anyway.

I choose to use the corridors-fixed version from NPG site since I had issues with the lift in the second map originaly-The lift would run away as soon as it was touched and I couldnt get on it or I would fall tho the mover. This version ( Mabye the other as well)  Contains checkpoints thruout the longer maps.

I went ahead and played them  on the crazy server  , and explored a bit  with one other player that was around , learning the maps.

Due to thew mods I have running there the last part of map 2 or 3 with the water and lift turned into a bloodbath of imps.

Although the checkpoints kinda are handy  , I am not a huge fan of checkpoints ,  big blue messages across me screen telling me there triggered dont really do me much good unless i plan on tracking back tho the map to enter the shortcuts.I actively tried to jump over and crawl past the checkpoint without triggering them. since everyone would see the messages and be distrated.Plus the way my sever is setup , the checkpoints are redundant as you spawn where you die.  I managed to get tho the maps with relitive ease , mabye only a few deaths. using mods

I may consider mutating the checkpoints somehow so there less prominent , killing the messages etc. i have 3 ideas ,Kill the messages , 2 turn the message into standerd messages and  replace them with sounds or 3 make them player specific as to show what player hit the trigger or got the keys.  the message for the keys is a good idea.mabye like serious sam does it. Mabye a playerchattrigger.

I got into the flow and after map 3 or 5  I was hoping it would not end ,  Not sure why but that how i felt. After about map 10-11 I seemed to loose some intrest , ( it was like 2 am ) But it was the homestretch  and there was just 2 maps left.The Various kralls on toilets are kinda   interseting.

One of the later maps with the water around the square mountains  was a bit challeging to figure out where to goto ( the water teleport in the moat) and i ended up tracking back a few time hunting for it before the other player discovered it for me.

The next day (Saturday) I loaded them up on the ah monsters server when i got up. I disabled the spawn where killed on that server for a while so players could choose to use the checkpoints. 5 players showed up and played tho the maps in till they were over.

should be more pictures but yeah whatever.

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