14 Oct

ok the (ah monsters ) has been running crappy latley , It has been having issues with long map swithes and  various perfomance issues . Well last night i tried to add some more maps to the vote list and the votelist is now total messed up , it took over  25 minutes to populate it and then it freaked out.

I think my plan today is to mabye do a total sever reinstall on my local machine here. ill re install unreal , re populate it etc , Wicth it more organization for me then preformce , But  it  is a mess of 3 linked drives and folders atm.

i will Reroute all the paths again , prehaps recheck the sequence again as well.

IDK if i will acully go that far ,But its due for it any way and it needs to be moved and the voting list needs to me rebuilt from scrach again.

++Dont forget there is a nali cronicles playtho in a few hours on dots server ,  I havnt played that map but I will try to make it there later even for a few maps.


edit :

server is back online in limited form , Reinstalled , maps mostly added back , weapons partly added bak etc .

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Posted by on October 14, 2011 in Server news, site news



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