wolf3d in unreal map stuff (dead project?)

13 Oct

Today i have decided, To share a small unfinished project I had started about a year ago ,

I post this project not so much as to   be excited  about or proud of , But as just to share a story/ some content so it is not lost from my mind.

Its unfinished , It mostly crap ,it lik e45% broken . But it was cool to me since I made it.

I had this weird idea that wolf3d maps were so simple,  basicly 2d , That mabye I could just figure out the grid scale and remake them in unreal.

This was post dungenmaker , and post loos wolf e1m1 time.

Well one thing lead to another  and I half-ass made 2 maps then I decided since the levels were so small that I could stack them on top of each other  like a real building , So the lift in map 1  goes to level 2 and the lift in the end or 2 goes to level 3 , all three maps are in the same levelfile , and can be trasversed in coop game.

it a combination of map1, map2 and the entrance to map3.After map 2 the geometry gets more alaborate and time consuming to duplicate  so thats where i stopped.

If you ever played wolf3d , even the demo , You will know where to go in these maps.

I originally extracted the textures from wolf3d using wolfedit for windows ??  and the sounds were extracted , the adlib sounds were rerecoreded into wav, the music was exported to midi and then ripped to tracker IIRC.

The layout and geometry other then scale are accurate.

As you will see , and i  came to me own conclusion as well  , The scale is totaly messed up, the walls are about 2.5 times to high and stuff . There are no keys.The original decorations and pickups are spirites where possible, the spirites are purple , Since at the time it was beyond my knowlede to make them proper masked without much effort.

The lighting is completly non existant , For whatever reason the textures or something in the map made it impossible to light properly , Lights are provided for monster spawning purposes only.The map uses doom pawns and has a section in it near the start where the blue guys will respawn every 20 second if your not looking.There is no dog in the cell room , its a packhunter.Doors are the wrong scale and dont make proper sounds when moving.Only 1 secret area was added to the map.( machine gun  room)

Just recently  in july , I got interested again in wolf3d and whent on a hunt for wolf3d stuff , I found newwolf, A opengl based engine that can run the original wolf3d levels. What interested me most about this , Is that it contained ‘high’ resolution textures…. and real models for the decoration/ weapons. The formats the file s are in are bassed off quake pk3 files sto extraction was  mostly a breeze.

Screenshots of newwolf engine running wolf3d :

The models are quake2 import compatible mdl models IIRC. so some tinkering with mikshape gets SOME of them to export into  unreal   ( there decorations). Some became messed up and i got quite annoyed at the  messed imports and evenly quit importing them completly.

I managed to get 2 models out , The vines  and the knight armorguy , The armor guy have a bad backface of model iirc as well.

that looks kinda sweet tho

any way it dead  at this point   i dont have the patients to sit here and remade it the right way. and with the creation of the unreal dungen maker . you can make maps just like the ones in wolf3d. with no mapping experience at all.

I may or may not  post the files (probably will) but i need to hunt them all down first. The ‘hd’ Texture package alone is about 20 mb. Plus there are somthing like 8 music files that go with the map plus sound files and more textures , surprisingly the actual map is only 512kb tho. Mabye ill lay it out so it all myleveled or not.

In the meantime if anybody wants to play the map,  Its on the 225 crazycoop server , as ‘Wolf3d1and2F’ or ‘wolf3dhd1’ for the highres version

if you cant find it you can just type ‘switchlevel wolfhd1’ if noones is around.

***you can switch the map without being admin there atm***

In the end I think it was a bit more work then I was capable of undertaking, and it become to much for me to do properly. So i lost  Interest. Mabye someday I will get back to it , But i have other projects going on.

Here is a 58 second clip of me running tho the map for you enjoyment.

if you want to see the vines and another attempt I made in a wolf3d style dungen map using the unreal dungen editer , Try playing  ‘lolwolf1a.unr’ , but be prepared for total frustration as it is a pitch black maze map lol.

edit : heres the link to downlaod l

the archive it LOADED wiith wolf3d umx file s14 i belive nad includeds the texture package and  ablib converted sounds , etc and of coure the map…

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