unreal97 pawns and hud ! Woohoo

12 Oct

master_unreal just posted this last night on unrealsp

A bunch of u97-esk screenshots of   a recreated hud and pawns from the unreal97 alpha featuring recreated alpha maps.


quoting mu since im lazy to re write:

Yes, this is the Alpha hud, Yes it works (mostly, armor is a bit odd with multiple items), Yes it is included in here.

Yes, this is a map from some alpha screenshots that (masterunreal) remade, No, it’s not done. No, it’s not in the zip

The dragon has an error where sometimes it hangs (I’m thinking its a problem between states) and the krall’s UV on the staff is messed up in some parts (fixed, not imported yet)

Download here:


U97UnrealI.AutoMagU97        extends Automag;
U97UnrealI.BetaSinglePlayer  expands SinglePlayer;
U97UnrealI.BigmanProjectile  expands BruteProjectile;
U97UnrealI.DragonCarcass     expands CreatureCarcass;
U97UnrealI.DragonMasterChunk extends MasterCreatureChunk;
U97UnrealI.DragonProjectile  expands Projectile;
U97UnrealI.NapalmLauncher    extends Weapon;
U97UnrealI.QuadShotU97       extends Quadshot;
U97UnrealI.U97BigMan         extends Brute;
U97UnrealI.U97Dragon         expands ScriptedPawn;
U97UnrealI.U97Krall          extends Krall;
U97UnrealI.U97LeglessKrall   expands U97Krall;
U97UnrealI.UnrealAlphaHUD    extends UnrealHUD;

i swear those shots remind me more of quake then unreal. heh.

Nice to actually see something come out of this. I was a bit worried that files wouldnt get released as usual for all new projects ( Wheres quakepawns man? I WANT NOW). Cool stuff kinda ,

Hope the hud works online- or with  alt gamtypes like xcoop since the standard singleplayer game suks..

edit  i looked  at it ,
: yeah the dragon kinda fails online , it has projectile replicatuion issues and it like to set it self on fire while flying .it also just kinda floats around and tries to melee you from the sky and not really attack.  it also not that much better then draco  dragon model is.

the krall looks like a scar with a krall shape , and is strafes back and forth like it scared and panicing.

The big guy is almost decent , but he fires to fast , and can somhow see you even if your ghosting.The big man and the dragon cannot be summoned with out ghosting ,

so i guess the selling point of this release was the hud. …Which i am guessing dosnt work online. oh well!

EDIT :no the hud wont work corecly online , the numbers work ok , but the background texture is lost. thats to jr and me for seprerately testing this. lol jcoop can have a custom hud lol

Ill keep up with this , But it you interested in following up on the project you can visit the unrealsp thread here


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