uMario64[beta] by jackrabbit/UDHQ (beta)

12 Oct

I think the screenshot  says it all really…

Its about 200% better then marioworld225  IMO   Features much better textures , More accurate geometry, Less packages, A clear cut semi linear goal   (The end that leads to lethallavaland) – in the style of mario bros picture end teleporter even!

Im not a huge fan of mariobros like thos guys are , But I do enjoy  mariobros and other N64 and SNES games (goldeneye007 is my favorite!). And this is a map I can instantly recognize as peach’s castle . Also seen in the mariocart titles. Good work guys!

Only thing  , and obviosly its created like the original mario , Is That teleporters/ warpzones  are used to navigate tho ‘scenes’ , Possible due the the confines of the geometry. But that dosent make is any less awsome.

Note  , The map beta was released with the levelsummary present from being edited in 227, It will run in 225 if you run it tho mapconverter or remove the levelsummary.

I will be keeping a eye out for the finished version in the future!

Original post :

download link  for lazy people  

alt link sice there being 3 yr olds and deleted there site.

edit: link updated



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