proposed program for editing ini lists

11 Oct

ok this currently isnt even functional yet , but before i forget….

This is a windows program  for fast proccessing  and editing ini config lists , like  monsterspawner and random dropwhenkilled lists

It a time consuming task to populate a monster spawner config  . usally  you copy from a readme or txt file into  the monster spawn list and paste , possible 1000 times.

I had this problem a few days ago adding the random on death inventory spawns to the 227h server , Where i had to sequencaly^ copy paste 300 summons. Took me about a hour.

edit lol

… yeah there is allobjects in 227 , that i could have used i guess.. but that cant output any thing other then ini format and im more familuar with this then the advanced feateares of 227. plus this can do alot more then uscript can.

So basicly  what this program will allow you to do it open up a readme , or any plaintext based documentation txt , nfo , …  and it will scan it for summons or patterns and create a list  you can multi-select and pick from and send to the monsterspawn list in the proper format.

Bonus features include :

Plugin script  support( i always do this , but integrating hooks is a pain)

test screenshot of the basic interface:

Currently all it does it scan files and send them to the second list box , and cannot save any files , but thats trivial stuff. and only works with  SUMMON lines and my megadrop mutator  as is  , but  whatever.

edit :

now supports importing   existing ini files.

added support added for basic .u decompiling via ucc

Added some error checking of ucclog for missing files , this program assumes everything it in the ucc/unreal path!!!!

bug : Plugin menuhook support is fundamentyy flawed each pluging overides the next

added  right click > export clean imports to file

Export to text  allows to preface with summon , it can include the root class (x extends y) if it came from a decompiled file,  as a comment in the exported data, and the source file(s) link

Plugins can now add there own submenus to the rightclick and main menus., but there is a bug involing hte menu hook callbacks, so thos menus cant acually return actions execpt by the last loaded plugin.

oct 13

added support for a plugin that can utilize umodel to extract textures and model per mod imported this could be usfull for …hmm… no resaon!

edit im at aloss now , i realize hte ucc .log containt he exports classes , but my method also detenins the parent class withch can sorted into a table so im not sure if im gonna change

stuff already working

  • Import from a mod via ucc
  • Import via text or ini files
  • Export to txt
  • Export models / textures (using umodel)
  • 7/20 Cache tool >extract files (multiselect support, Date sort etc)
  • 7/21 plugins init now load to table
  • 7/21 cache load code error checking

stuff to be added add :

  • texture exporting ,
  • built int for skin ,
  • extact models ,
  • save / load workspace ,
  • format discovery for patetrn in .ini files
  • print capiobilities ,
  • export options ,
  • built in cache ripper  done
  • texture converter
  • fix plugin support
  • vetex convesions
  • sound playback or exported files
  • get online update capibility
  • import via zip file / folder
did i mention all this great stuff , and it still cant export a ini yet ? lol…
 anyway this has suffered from feature bloat and it stiull dosnt export lists , but it can do some other usfull crap at this point
you want to mess with it , or help debug it here a download
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